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OK, im sure im not the first person to bring this up. I purchased the 8080 and i have had it for about 1 week. I have had the 300 for about 12 hours.
I bought the 8080 because i wanted something i could adjust depth of field with, have excellent resolution, and shoot in lower light with less noise than my crap nikon 3100. It does two of the three and im not sure about the lower noise yet. I find the software of the 8080 hard to get around and it seems to have a mind of its own sometimes.
The 300 is very simple in many ways compared to the 8080. Sure its an slr but it has fewer points of autofocus and the kit lense is not as sharp as the 8080. It does better in low light and i love the control i have over all of the various parameters. Those parameters are much more accesible and i find the camera easier to navigate.
I have about the same amount of money in both cameras at the moment and my plan was to punt off the 8080 to a coworker who fell in love with it. I guess my question is am i barking up the wrong tree by doing this? Should i spend more time with the 8080 and get to know it inside and out or should i go ahead and sell it and spend the money on a good lense for the 300?
Any feedback is appreciated.
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That's a hard one. I've never used the 8080, tho I know it's said to be a great camera. I think it boils down to your lens needs and shooting styles.
One reason I went with the E-300 was to eliminate shutter lag experienced with earlier digicams, although I doubt the 8080 has much lag. The 8080 only goes up to ISO 400 as well, and while the e-300's noise levels at 800 and 1600 are higher, they clean up nicely with any of the ordinary post processing NR programs available (NeatImage, Noise Ninja, etc.). The other thing is viewfinder clarity. I have always disliked electronic viewfinders because I inevitably miss some detail in the scene that I can pick up with a true optical finder. That bothers me, but again, maybe the 8080 has introduced a better viewfinder.

Obviously you get more options with the dSLR, primarily due to lens selection, but I know some pros use the 8080 as well. Good luck with your decision.

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There is some shutter lag but when you are using manual focus its pretty low and full time auto focus its pretty low too. You are right the viewfinder density stinks. And the ergo's are not as nice.
But i get a great all around optics setup and takes stunning pictures and has the best autofocus i have ever seen. I am just a bit dismayed by the three point auto on this camera and i have a tough time dialing in the focus just right unless im really close to something.
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I had a C-8080 for over a year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Were it not for an unfortunate accident I would still be using it. I now have the E-300 and quite enjoy a number of aspects of it as well.

There are a number of things that I loved about the C-8080 more than the E-300:

1. Tiltable LCD viewfinder- this was VERY helpful in composing shots and allowed for shots from many different angles (ground level, above the head...). I loved this capability and feel a little more inconvenienced (in this aspect only) with the optical viewfinder of the E-300.

2. Focusing Range- out of the box (without having to buy or carry any extra lenses) the C-8080 was able to capture AMAZING shots from super-Macro (2.5cm) to ~180mm equivalent. As long as I was in bright light the images were amazing!

3. Video capture- yes, I realize that this is primarily a feature of P&S cameras with lesser quality sensors but it was nice to have on many occasions.

That being said, here are the differences that I really appreciate (in no particular order) :

1. AF SPEED. Autofocus feels to be an order of magnitude faster than the C-8080 especially in lower light.

2. "Shutter lag". Whileshutter lag on the C-8080 waslow, the E-300 is even faster.

3. Focus ring on lens! This provides much greater control in Manual focus than the awkward and slowbutton-pressing methodused on the C-8080.

4. ISO capability. While the E-300 is nowhere near other brands with its high noise levels at ISO800&1600, the C-8080 exhibited noise at anything above ISO100! This limited me to using my C-8080 withmuch lower shutter speeds than I can use with the E-300

5. Dynamic range. While the C-8080 was amazing for a lot of things, I noticed much more frequent clipping of highlightsand shadows than I do on the E-300.

6. Optical Viewfinder. Many of the shots in which I had to use manual focus on the C-8080 "appeared" to be fairly sharp when viewed on the viewfinder however when those images were viewed on a computer moniter they were clearly out of focus. I should also mention here that battery life on the E-300 is at least double what I was getting on my C-8080.

7. Working with RAW files IS an order of magnitude faster.Recording or viewing a RAW file on the C-8080 could take around 10 seconds while it is nearly instantaneous on the E-300

8. Manual control options! The C-8080 didn't have a lot of the options that I now have with the E-300.

9. Preset modes. While I initially thought these would be rather useless, testing them made me a believer. I have come to really appreciate being able to make a single switch into a mode and instantly obtain marvelous pictures without having to monkey around for 5 minutes optimizing settings.

In short, while I miss the portabilityand viewfinder ofthe C-8080 I love all of the new control I have in the E-300. There are still times when I find myself wishing I had the C-8080 to shoot Macros...
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