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Hi -

I'm connecting the Video Out jack on my E-10 to my TV for the first time, and I'm getting nothing but a black screen. I've been messing with it for an hour. I know the Video Inon the TV is working normally, because I plugged my DVD player's Video style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Out intothe same Video In jackand it works fine.

The monitor on the E-10 will be diplaying an image, and when I plug my cable into the camera it's still there, then when I plug the other end of the cable into the TV the image on the E-10 goes black like I would expect it to, but the screen on the TV is still black.

I had a Minolta D'Image that I hooked up the same way and it worked fine.

One clarifying question: the cable I'm using has a standard 1/8" mini tip-ring-sleeve on one end (the same as a set of Walkmanheadphones), and the other end has two RCA plugs, which on mySharpViewcamfunctions asvideo/audio. Could I be using the wrong kind of cable?


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I ANSWERED MY OWN QUESTION! The cable needs to be tip/sleeve only (no ring) to a single RCA. (I tried touching the tip of the "audio" RCA to the shield of the "video" RCA, and voila!

I didn't delete my post in case someone else has the same problem.
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