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Hi Guys & Gals

I took my first set of RAW shots with the E3 on the way home tonight. Its been updated with the latest firmware and I was shooting at high ISO 800 - 1250, Manual mode and RAW+Jpeg, No NR or filter. I've been working on the files in ACR 4.3.1 (just fix WB, 50% USM and the odd B&W conversion) and saving the jpegs at the highest quality is producing files that are 8 to 10MB in size ! Most of the in came jpegs(highest quality) are no larger than 5-6MB. Is this the case with all of the 10MP cam's ?

I'm not doing any additional pp than I normally do so I'm a wee bit shocked by the increase in file size and how much bigger they are than the incam jpegs.



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I noticed right away the RAW files (E3) are actually smaller @ 9-11 MB than from my E-300 which usually are all at 11+MB. I am using BibblePro or Therapee for conversion to jpg and the resulting file sizes from the E3 are @ 5-6MB for most.

The smaller (E3) RAW files are producing larger .jpg on conversion than are the larger (E-300) RAW files.

So, not being very saavy about it all...... I am believing the E3 RAW data is just greater in significant detail than from the E-300 due to the new brand 10MP sensor in the E3.

I don't know what I just said but I've noticed what you say ....... maybe someone will tell us what really is going on because I too would like to know and understand more about it.

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Easy, the RAW files on the newer cameras (E-410, E-510, E-3) are compressed using a lossless compression, while RAW files on the older cameras (E-1, E-300, E-330, E-500) aren't.

I'm not sure if the E-400 is or isn't compressed since it was a bridge between the old and new generation of cameras.
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Page 114 in the PDF manual for the e-510: "Loss-less compression" and "file size approx 1.1Mb"

In the e-3 manual: page 135.

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