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I have an E500 dual lens kit and I want to expand the kit a little (with a limited budget!!) and would like some advice. I am looking at getting the 35mm macro lens or the fl-36 flash. I used to like taking macros on my old p&s so would like this ability again but I also have my sister's wedding in December and think the flash would do me some good in taking candidpictures in the evening (she has a pro aswell!!). I would obviously like both but like i say budget is limited!! Any advice on what to get (or what to get first) or any other input on what to get apart from these two?

Thanks in advance for any responses!

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Hi Mike

From what I've seen of the 35mm its a cracker of a lens, esp at eth price but I've no real experience of the lens. Regards the flash, the Fl36 is a good flash esp for the miney but if you could stretch it to the FL50 that would be even better.

For macro work, you could try a close up filter like a Nikon 6T with the 40-150 or even stac two close up filters onto the 40-150, although I wouldn't know what the IQ would be like but at least you would be able to keep some distance between yoursef and the litle critters.

Hope that helps



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I agree! The 35mm is a great lens for the money. This rose is appropriately called 'Sweet Dream'!

My current sweet dream is of the E3, but that's another thread!

Best wishes,

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Old Oct 30, 2007, 12:26 AM   #4
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I have a FL36, it is good but I primarily use it with my C-7070 for indoor usage. I also have the E-300 and for it I use a Promaster 5750 which is quite a bit less price than the FL50, it is TTL operative w/o auto zoom, the zoom is a 3 position shell extension which is manually moved. For my usage the Promaster works very well but for serious flash use the FL50 would be the way to go for a flash.

I have the original 14-45 3.5+ and the original 40-150 3.5+ lenses, BOTH are excellent but I seldom use them now that I have the 14-54 2.8+ and the 50-200 2.8+ lenses.

I have seen postings here of images taken with the lens set you have and those seem quite good. I am not familiar with the 35mm but have also seen images of it which were very very good including RosemanJP's shown above

The following link is of images from the Tyler, TX rose gardens I shot with the old 14-45 'kit' lens. Yours should be equal or better.


I posted this particular link too for RosemanJP to perhaps enjoy.

good luck with the 500 and the wedding shoot.

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Thanks, Bob - those are some lovely shots and it looks like a lovely place to visit.

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I have both the 35mm and the FL-36. If you like macro, you'll love the 35mm. Priced right and also a good, lightweight "normal" prime for general purpose shooting.

The FL-36 for a wedding?I shoot weddings and use it onlyfor outdoor fill flash in FP-TTL mode. Power isnot the greatest for indoor shots; recycling time & battery life not fast enough for weddings IMHO (only uses 2 AA batteries & eats them quickly). You can buy a Sunpack 383 (shoe mount) for around $80 US new or a Sunpak 544 (handle-mount) for around $130 US new (cheaper on ebay if you can find a good one) plus the batteries, flip bracket for the 383, etc. and still spend less than the FL-36 alone. I have both flashes and they work great in their AUTO modes. Just set the camera to the aperture indicated on the flash and fire away. The 383 has good power & recycle time; the 544 could light a small city if you need it to. Both those models have trigger voltages low enough to use safely on any camera (the old Sunpak 522 handle-mount did not). Trust me, if not for the high shutter speed sync capability of the FL-36 someone would have gotten a great deal on mine on ebay a long time ago.
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I agree with stowaway7 -- since the budget is tight (isn't it for all of us? ), I would get the 35mm lens and then buy a cheaper flash. I personally use the Vivitar 285HV with my E-500, and really like it. The auto sensor on the 285HV is rather accurate and easy to work with. I built "A Better Bounce Card" out of foam and attach it with a nice looking velocro strap (that is NOT glued to the flash in any way), and I get really nice light without harsh shadows while still maintaining very fast recharge times using high capacity NiMH rechargeables. Whether using regular AA's or rechargables, they last forever, even under heavy use.

If I had the FL-50, I'm sure I'd love it, but when I paid less than $100 for TWO used (like new condition) Vivitar 285HV flash units via eBay, and really like the what I'm getting out of these flashes, it's very difficult to justify the price of the FL-50, especially when I typically use the two 285HV's off-camera, so TTL wouldn't do me much good anyway.
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