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Default After the Snow

Yesterday we had several inches of snow with a howling north wind. Not school today, so I got a chance to get some shots of the beautifully sculpted drifts and a few other snowie goodies. I had to wade up to my waist in snow and then sit in a drift to set up the drift photos at the angle I wanted, very cold! Not to mention I wasn't sure I could make my arthritic knees get me back up!
A little creek behind my home and a sunset at nearby Milford Lake finished a cold but satisfactory day.
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My vote goes to #1. Niiiice shot!
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Nice shots, lots of symmetry in the shapes of the drifts. They also really capture a sense of winter solitude, as there is not a footprint nor animal track anywhere. (Which means you were the only one brave enough to go outside. LOL )

Hope things warm up soon for you and the rest of the country. We got spared from the current storm. It's been in the 70's here all week. The last storm even got us, giving us another heavy frost to kill the few flowers that had survived the earlier unusual cold fronts.
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Beautifully done Angie.

The fence rows bring to mind memories of when I was a youngster, many years ago, growing up in Iowa and going out in the early morning for chores to first see what had taken place during the snow fall.

.....and I recall the creek that I walked so many times in the winter when it looked exactly the same as your photo.

Photos can be wonderful triggers of fond memory flashes and these certainly have done so for me this morning.

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beautiful shots, I love winter time and the snow.

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