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Default Another E-7 rumour .. "rolls eyes "

I'm sure you've all seen the latest E-7 rumour over at 43 rumours:

"Olympus camera book writer Reinhard Wagner (book list at Amazon Germany) just came back from a meeting from Olympus. Of course he cannot unveil the Olympus 2013 roadmap but he wrote at OlyForum.de that the E-7 will definitely arrive in 2013. He is now considering to sell the E-5 to buy the upcoming E-7. And he also admits that if he wouldn’t be sure that the Four Thirds system will remain alive he would have sold all FT lenses. And he also said that “2013 will be an exciting year“."

Well.. its not exactly from the horses mouth ..and if it was some of the OLy people it would be so open ended and vague as to be totally useless but I'm holding and waiting to see what PMA in Feb 2013 brings.
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I hadn't seen that, Harj - thanks.

I guess I'm lucky - I'm not in any hurry to replace my E5. I do care that Oly keeps a platform alive for my 4/3 glass but 2013 will be soon enough for me. Of course if I were a pro tog burning up my shutter's life I'd have a different viewpoint.

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Hi Ted

I'm sitting tight with what I have and if the E3 breaks, I still have my E1 and I'd pick up another E3 if it was cheap enough in the UK and hadn't been hammered with the shutter actuation's. If t had been someone from Oly stating that an E7 was due in 2013 I wouldn't even have posted the link.

The initial reviews of the two new Pana F2.8's had been mixed - they are no SHG replacements if IQ is what your after, which is a shame but I think that was to be expected esp if they didn't get the Leica seal of approval. Even the Oly m43 primes can't compete with the SHG's in terms of IQ - size and weight wise the m43's primes win hands down.
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I've become more and more disenchanted with olympus over the years. The top two and others have left Oly lying in the dust with their fans...that's us, looking to try and keep up.

Good Oly togs like Ziggy realized this way back and decided to cut their losses and move on. It's all very well being loyal and feeling that your going to be a traitor but they have to do something, well at least try and keep up with the mainsteam.

Like you guys I had a point and shoot type Oly then picked up the OM1 then the OM10 for Sharon along came OM2 for me, as well as a shitpot full of lenses and goodies.

This is prolly because I went to a camera symposium or what ever you call them on Sat and saw what the rest of the world has. Oly had no representation at all.

I've hardly been supporting them by only buying the E500 a few years back but they haven't shown me any significant improvement. Yeh, we have the E3, E30 and E5. But good as they are they're still a step behind the rest.

If....!? I ever get to where I'm ready (or can afford) a new set up. I really don't think it'll be Oly.
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Now as long as they do do something stupid and try and charge £1500. As I might just get the D600 for that price and run a 2 tier system. And see what suites me best.
Some times I feel like banging with frustration. So will Olympus give us or maybe I guess we will have to wait and see.

just keep taking pics till then.
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