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I'm looking for information about the new E400 10 MP body - all the details I have heard are that it is a 4/3 system camera, compatible with the E-series, but little more (from an OLY press release)

Most specifically - I am concerned about olympus eliminating the RM-CB1 remote shutter release cable option. It was in the E10,E20, E1, and E300 (with optional battery holder) boddies, but disappeared in the 330 and 500 cameras. I use the bulb exposure and thus need the locking function of the remote shutter release, and also do externally signalled exposures from a timer or sensor to capture items at a specific time.

Any news on the possible re-appearance of the RM-CB1 option on the E-400 would be nice to know.

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Any news on the possible re-appearance of the RM-CB1 option on the E-400 would be nice to know.
With the announcement of the E-400 was also the announcement of a new type of cable release for it, the RM-UC1 that plugs into the USB connector rather than Oly's proprietary three pin, easy to lose the cap connector:

This is something Oly should have released YEARS AGO rather than their proprietary unit.

Unfortunately this cable release ONLY works on the E-400...unless Olympus updates the firmware of the older cameras to allow the cable to work with them (something they should do as there's been a lot of users of those cameras begging for a cable release, could mean lots of sales of the cable).
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