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I currently have the 2 kit lenses with my E500, but neither is a true walkaround as invariably i get stuck and wish I had brought the other along OR am in a situation where I cannot really change lenses.

The 18-180 seems to be the most ranged walk around lenses..but not sure of how you folks have found it.
Is it comparable to the 40-150 ? and Is it worth plonking down for it ? obviously the 40-150 may need to go but considering the rates it is fetching better to keep it as a backup :roll:

OR would you recomend the sigma 18-125 ?

At some future point i will be going for the 11-22 as i really seem to be taking more of wide angles than zooms, although it is adequate at 14.

Also does anyone here use the oly Primes OR do you use the 14-54 for those requirements.
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Hi Sharp

I'm not too sure about the 18-180. from what I've read and seen its a pretty mixed bag and slow at the tele end of the range too. I think your 40-150 is a better quality lens than the 18-180 so I'd save your money for somethine else.

Regards the 14-54, I've just ordered one and I'm sure Greg and a few others here on the forum can give you some sound advise on how good the 14-54 is. Personally, I would like Oly or Pana to introduce a 14-75 or a 1[email protected] f2.8-3.5 with IS as "the" walk-about lens. If such a lens existed I'd have placed an order for one when I purchased my E1.

Here's two threads over at dpreview om the 18-180 that you'd want to look into:




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Thanx a lot for the Links.. they were very informative.

There seems to be very polarised opnions on this..especially on the extremeties of the lens. but honestly it is range which makes it interesting.

maybe the sigma 18-125 would be a good choice as that makes keeping the 40-150 easier.

Unfortunately there is NO way for me to test it out so have to go blind in this..so i guess ill put on my thinking cap for some time
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this morning glory was with a 18/180 is which i use the most .Im not a pro at this just learning the ropes.
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Thought Ill summarize my thoughts ie "Pros" on the Oly 18/180 vs Sigma 18/125 vs none here

None: ie both the big zooms are cr#p keep the kits lenses and swap when required
- not a single carry around, 14-45 does not have enough zoom ; 40-150 not really wide enough and 14-54 much more expensive..especially for my current shooting skills. I can up the budget once i feel i have outgrown the 14-45
-Realistically swapping lenses is too time consuming, unsafe and impractical in many situations
-Individually they do a better job as specialised lenses than any of the single zooms

Sigma 18/125

-Decent range to be a carryaround
-Can take care on entire range possible from handheld position
- does not make my 45-150 redundant and I can use it as a more "specialised" lens
-Soft focus ie low on sharpness especially at the extrmeties

Oly 18/180

-Much more expensive than Sigma, but selling off the 40-150 will bring it to the same level as the Sigma
-Wonderful range, but is it an overkill ? Considering that it is going to be handheld and that if i can carry a tripod, I can carry an extra lense as well.
-Realistically makes my 45-150 kind of redundant
-Soft focus ie low on sharpness especially at the extrmeties

I guess each one is going to have a different logic to the whole thing bu i might just about go for the Sigma.
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