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Steven R Mar 16, 2008 7:40 PM

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Hi Gang: I hesitate to post this photo, as there is so much talent on this forum. I see theimages from guys like Ted , Harj, Mike, zig, BoB, etc, and I know that there is some supergood people here. There is no PP on this shot; just compressed the size down to 250K to comply with the forum restrictions. Unfortunately it losses a lot of its' "snap" with the much smaller size.

It's funny, but most of my photography work is travel and landscape; but I took this a couple of days ago in my back yard. I was letting the dogs out for their morning walk, and I was in a bathrobe and slippers. But looking at my flowers, I had to go back in and grab one of my cameras. There had been a very heavy dew, and the flowers were dripping wet. Anyway, Iliked the almost abstract lookof this shot, soI'm sharing this photo of an Iris. (It's kind of funny, but so many of our shots take quite some time to set up and be satisfied with the results. Thisone took about 2 seconds )

For my friends in the northern climates, just to let you know that there are flowers blooming all year long in my back yard. (It's a rough life living in Florida, but somebody has to do it!!!):blah:

P.S.- Kudos to the first person who guesses which Oly lens was used for this shot.

zig-123 Mar 16, 2008 10:16 PM

Hi Steven,

That is a great shot! I think sometimes the best shots in natureare the ones that you simply come upon without any priorplanning. You then just grab the camera and seize the moment. Well done.

BTW, I'm flattered but please don't include me with the other guys. They know how to handle a camera. I just mess around and sometimes I get lucky..

As for your being in Florida, you might as well get your licks in now, buddy. Becausewe'll be enjoying the summer breeze here on the Cape in June while you'll look like you just stepped out of the shower fully dressed.

In my first life, I was in sales and travelledup and downthe east coast quite a bit. One of my accounts was anorange juice plantlocated in Bradenton. I can still remember how hot and humid it was there in May and that was at about 8 in the morning!!

One last thing, thanks for the heads up on the Bios articles regarding the 14 -54 lens which I think is the lens you used to take the shot.


stay cool,


Steven R Mar 16, 2008 10:47 PM

Hi zig: Have fun up therein Cape Cod.That's a pretty area.

Since I've gotten older, I have become allergic to cold weather, so I stay in Fla. Born and raised in the south, so I'm used to the humidity. (I was in Las Vegas for 2 years. Often saw temps well over 110, Florida is much better. And the air was so dry that my skin was constantly cracking.)

Anyway, thanks foryour comments. (But you guessed wrong on the lens.)

Stay warm.

Steve R.

Steven R Mar 18, 2008 7:28 PM

Hi Guys: no other comments out there?, good, bad, or indifferent? I like to hear your comments and opinions.

Tullio Mar 19, 2008 12:08 AM

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Hey Steven, sometimes we tend to be too critical about our own work, and that's not really a good thing. The more critical we are, the less we share and consequently, the lessopportunities to learn and improve our work, we have. Now, that is not to say that people should not have a sense of their ownlimitation. Anyway, what I really want to say is that I'm glad you decided to post your early morning flower picture, sharing it with all of us. I think it's a lovelyshot and perhaps you should go around searching for other flowers to photograph and share.

Guessing what lens you used is a tough task since there is no EXIF data available. I was hopingto obtain the FL from it, which would give me a bit of a clue. Any lens could have been used. I've obtained great macro-like results with my 70-300mm and the 40-150mm (with cropping).My guess is that you usedeither the 70-300mm or the 50mm macro.

As for the lack of comments on people's work this is something that many participants have been complaining about, not just in this forum. It seems like there is a lot of traffic but not a lot of participation in terms of feedback. Perhaps people are simply tired of writingthe usual "great shot"..."nice composition"..."great colors"..."wonderful capture" type of comments. If the image posted does not have a WOW factor, no comment is left, period. In a way, I feel that "if you don't have anything constructive to say, then don't say anything at all. But on the other hand, silence can be very discouraging. The problem is, the less people participate, the less we feel like spending time posting andchecking out the forums since it appears that there's nothing new to read, see or comment on.We all like to share our workand receive somesort of feedback. If all we do is post, then forum participation becomes pointless. Might as well get a FLICKR account and upload our pictures to it. Unfortunately, no one can force people to spend a few minutes of their time to write a few words here and there.So, I guess we just have to keep up the good work, share our best efforts without expecting much in return.


I'll pigback on your thread...guess which lens I used on this shot...

Scouse Mar 19, 2008 12:42 AM

Niceshot Steve. Well worth the wet slippers. Don't know why you're apologizing though.

Steven R Mar 19, 2008 9:36 PM

Hey Tullio: I really like that photo; there is an almost dreamlike foggy feel to the blue flowers. It gives it a different look for the shot.:cool:

Was that taken with the 40-150mm zoom? I like the soft blur of the background with the subdued blues.

Steven R.

Tullio Mar 19, 2008 10:54 PM

Thanks, Steven. Well, I don't think anyone will be able to guess which lens I used. It was aSigma mini-wide 28mm (Pentax mount)with the adapter. How about your shot, which lens did you use? I guessed the 70-300mm or 50mm macro.

Dangerous Brian Mar 21, 2008 2:13 PM

Hi Guys
Both shots are good, but I do prefere Steven's lol. anyway I thought both photoes were taken with large Zooms. Im suprised the quality of the broka on your Sigma mini-wide 28mm. never would have guessed a 28mm lense, by the way what f-stop was that taking at?
As forums go the reason why I picked this 1 was that it moves at a leisurely pace as to others and feedback is good.
I think your shot was the standard lense 14-45mm as you just graped your camerea and have just croped it .

Tullio Mar 21, 2008 4:46 PM

I have two Pentax-mountlenses Iuse with my E510.TheSigma is one of them and the other is a Pentax 50mm f1.7. I also had a Tamron 70-300mm, which worked really well but I sold it once I bought the Zuiko 70-300mm. Both lenses (Sigma and Pentax)workbestat apertures ranging between f4.0 and f8.0 with f4producingconsistently greatresults (even though somepeople claim that f8 is the ideal).This shot was taken at f4.

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