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HarjTT Jul 28, 2008 7:12 PM

Hi All

I'm beginning to suspect that something may be up with my 35-100F2 or my E3 and just wanted to know if anyone knew what the best practice is for testing a lens to find out if it is ok or not ?



:? :O

Dangerous Brian Jul 28, 2008 7:38 PM

Hi HarjTT

What is it that you think is up eg focusing ?. Have you another olympus camera to test lense on ?. can the problem be repeated using the same set up or is it intermitting ?

does other lenses do the same eg youe 14-54mm ?

Greg Chappell Jul 28, 2008 7:44 PM

Does the E3 produce good results with other lenses? If so, I'd send the 35-100 in right now. If it doesn't, I'd send them both in. In my case, I'd also have to ask my doctor for a prescription of anything that'd keep me calm until it all came back.

zig-123 Jul 28, 2008 9:23 PM

Hi Harj,

Sorry to hear your having issues with your equipment. First the FL50 and now this.

Not sure if this is feasible, but the only way that I know how you can conclusively determine if the problem is with the lens or the E-3 is to takeboth to your local camera shop and hopefully, they have a 35-100 F2. Test the store lens on your E-3 and compare performance against your lens.

Hope all works out.


HarjTT Jul 30, 2008 7:27 AM

Hi Guys

I've yet to contact Oly - I will be doing so later today. I had another look at the pics and from what i can tell the E3's actually back focusing - I had a model standing in front of a door and focused on her face (Single point), looking at the shoots the door and her outfit are in focus but her face is not. This whole series of pics are all teh same - the door and outfit are in focus but her face isn;t. I'll post a couple of shots later today - I've only PP's to shots so far and I'm also thinking that I'll mail these to Oly and see what they think.

I'm going to try and test the E3 and the e1 tonight and see what they do - although I know my E1's not the most reliable camera to use. I might go to camera world where thy do have E3's in stock and other lenses and see if I can test and compare with mine.



:? :O

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