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HarjTT Feb 10, 2008 6:54 AM

There's been quiet a few new E4XX/5XX/EX shooters posting on the forum like zig, etc so I'd just like to say "welcome to the Oly (4/3rd) forum"



Kayceespix Feb 10, 2008 1:49 PM

Hi! I'm migrating over to the Oly board from the Panasonic. It has been quite a while since I posted much, but as a newbie to DSLR, I may be posting more for a while. Would love to hear from all with comments and critiques as needed! I got the e-410 mid-November and am really enjoying it. I like the feel of it as it's closer to the 35mm film cameras that I loved 15 years ago, and I laugh at the lack of IS (j/k, but I really don't feel the need for it).

zig-123 Feb 10, 2008 9:25 PM

Hi Harj,

Thanks for making us "newbies" feel welcome. As someone who is new to posting, I'm not always sure when to jump in or butt out so your welcome post means a lot.

I really do enjoy reading all the discussions on this forum in particular, the technical discussions on lenses, theE-3, E-510, etc..As mentioned in a previous post ( by another forum member), this particular site is rather unique in that forum members are civil and don't jump on your bones if you happen to make a mistake.It is in this environment, thata lot of great information is exchanged by people, such as yourself, experienced in the world of digital photography and with Olympus D-SLR cameras.

In the short time that I've activelybeen reading this discussion forum, I've learned a lot from you, Jorgen Ted, Bob, and everyone else who I didn't mention by name.. I look forward to learning a lot more......and from time to time I'll ask a dumb question or two.

thanx again


Dangerous Brian Feb 13, 2008 11:47 AM

Hi All

Got myself a E330 just before xmas could not let it get away going for that low price, couldnotget it for £299 but paid £350 out of tesco.

Got a wedding comming upon 22/2/08 gotgood advice from previous post;forum_id=36

Got the Fl50 going for £185 out of fotosense

Im glad I went for this instaed of fl36, nice flash

Is the lightsphere worth it im notsure wether to purchase this a bit steep £50 somthing like this might just do as well

any way been looking at this forum on and off and give my thanks to members like ,HarjTT, tkurkowski, jorgen, Scouse

for there informative input thanks guys.

HarjTT Feb 13, 2008 3:32 PM

Hi Zig-, Kacyee and Brian,

Its been really cool to have new faces appear like yourselves and also others such as Bud, etc although theres nothing wrong with us old faces either :G on the forum!



Greg Chappell Feb 16, 2008 11:12 AM

Hi Harttt,

Couldn't stay away myself either, but I'm coming back in a much "lighter" way. Instead of those heavy 7-14 and 50-200 Zuiko's weighting down my left shoulder, I've just picked up the E510 two-lens kit and will probably, eventually, get the 70-300. A lot has changed with Olympus the past year for the good.

Still plan to carry in the same bag my little TZ3 or LX2, and the FZ50 still has it's place to, but the E510's going with me to an NHL hockey game tomorrow. The high ISO ability and the quality of these little kit lenses has been what's brought me back. The entire kit...even the FL50 flash which I've kept, fits in the same little back I was carrying my FZ50 outfit in, and it isn't much more heavy, if at all. Amazing.

I've been watching as you've postedyour awesome pics with the 35-100. Incredible stuff.

HarjTT Feb 16, 2008 2:30 PM

Hi Greg

Always really cool to see your posts whether here or on the Pana forum - I still have my FZ10 and its still a cracker of a camera and i've seen the wonderful pics you've taken with the FZ50. I don;t pop over to the Pana forum as much as I should - something thats got to change. Your pics with the 7-14 are some of the best that I;ve seen to date - do you still have the 7-14 and 50-200 ?.

I've been itching for the LX2 for quiet sometime as a pocket cam just to carry around - it and the LX1 before it are just simply superb - really under-rated. You could say we're OlyPanaleica shooters and I think there's going to be some pretty good things to come from them this year - Oly did really well with the 510 and it can only get better.

It'll be really cool to see the shots from the Hockey game !



Greg Chappell Feb 17, 2008 11:33 PM

HarjTT wrote:

It'll be really cool to see the shots from the Hockey game !

Here's the link, shot with the kit 40-150 f4-5.6 Digital Zuiko, at ISO 1600, with the noise reduction filter turned off and sharpening set to -1...

Compared to what I was used to with the E1 and E300, this out of camera JPEG performance at ISO 1600 is a revelation for an Olympus DSLR.

An f4 lens at the tele end would have given me a faster shutter speed and frozen all the action better, but at this price and weight? I'll take it. A few of my favorites..

Take a look at the penalty box where the lady is holding the door open, at the sign the fan is holding up in the row behind the box...I didn't see this when I took the picture, but she obviously likes her seat!

She also looks to get her money's worth when an opponent gets sent there..

The only goal in the game..

A few others..

Dangerous Brian Feb 18, 2008 1:11 PM

Nice shots and plenty of detail. no motion blur, what kind of shutter speeds where u getting in this kind of light enviroment ?

did u have is on ?

Good to see you back with a little light kit.

zig-123 Feb 18, 2008 2:55 PM

Those are really great shots Greg!:|

It just reinforces the fact that the kit lenses are really better than most people realize(me included). All too often, I found myself thinking that I need specialty lensesfor sports shooting (my grandson's soccer games, little league, etc.). You've just very clearlyprovenotherwise. Those are certainly "good enough" for my needs. Thanks for sharing.


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