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Originally Posted by Steven R View Post
That sounds good for all you guys with the little colorful songbirds flying in your backyard. But I haven't seen a bird weighing under 10 pounds in my yard in months and months.
just get rid of the fish and put out some birdseed

i had a pet pelican. a cuda or shark took one of its legs and he landed on the lot one day. he stayed around for a long time, pelican crap everywhere. fed him mackerel. we finally took him to the marina where he blended back in and got along just fine.
================================================== ==
hows this sound:
limited to 10 contestant's.

one entry per contestant. beginning & ending time period will be set once we have 10 contestant's.

entry must have been taken the date of the start of the contest or later. In other words, don't pull out something you took a year ago. please make exif available. the general idea here is to share results from equipment & technique.

the contest will run for 14 days and contestants can update their entry until the contest closes. this should be done by replacing the file on the host's site, so that the thread here only shows one image per contestant. if you need help with that, just ask. the idea here is to keep the contest thread from going wacky. we can start a separate thread for comments & the like. if the contest thread gets out of hand, i'll just make a new condensed final thread. however it goes - maybe make a album at a host site for final review?

must be alive, free, wild birds. no captives, cracker barrel or taxidermist variety.

judging will commence after contest is closed, or when we find some judges.

this isn't the contest thread - the actual contest thread will be started once there are 10 contestant's.

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hurry - only 4 slots left
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