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boBBrennan Mar 8, 2010 12:52 AM & white conversion from BibblePro v.5
....I use and have upgraded BibblePro to version 5 on the iMAC-27.

The version 5 is a complete rewrite for BibblePro and all the plugin(s) authors are working to bring their works forward.

One of the early responders is for a B&W converter which I like very much. Doing the conversion with the plugin allows usage of all BP adjustment features to the B&W file.

I wonder what you may think of the results, a lot more going on here than simple de-saturation.

Here are some files from last weekends baseball shoots....... from the E-3 & Oly type I 50-200mm

HarjTT Mar 8, 2010 2:48 AM

Hi Bob

I like these a lot ... the pics and the B&W conversions! Are there preset's within 5 aka like LR's where you can then tweak them slightly to your own preference ? Has the detail and sharpness from the RAW files improved from the previous version, esp as we know that Studio was always producing teh sharpest files out of the various RAw convertors. LR3 beta is an nice improvement over LR2 in that regards so, I'd like to hear your opinions on that.




Post some more !

:D :eek:

zig-123 Mar 8, 2010 8:11 AM

Hi Bob,

As much as I like seeing these images in B&W, as it tends to remind me of the sports photos in the newspaper that I saw when growing up, I do have to admit to having a bias towards your baseball images when shot in color.

The one that, IMHO, works perfectly in B&W is the 3rd shot of Jacob ( I believe) on the mound. It really does reminds me of the old photos I saw.


cshanaberger Mar 8, 2010 8:23 AM

zig, great action stopping shots, they look good. imho the first shot could use a little more black level though. the darks in that pic look grey on my monitor.

HarjTT Mar 8, 2010 4:22 PM


Agree with Charles on the first shot but can;t really say without looking at the histogram. Have a look at this video over at LR news :

I've found it to be really usefull when working on a file in LR whether its for a B&W or not and I'm sure that it'll apply to all RAw converters.



:D :eek:

cshanaberger Mar 8, 2010 5:22 PM

sorry bob, i do not know why i addressed zig in the last post not enough caffeine in my system this morning i guess. the reason i mentioned the lighter blacks in your image was because on my first look at the image, didn't notice the ball in the catchers glove, if the inner glove shadow was a little darker the ball should have more pop to it. still its a great capture & wonderful timing.

boBBrennan Mar 9, 2010 8:54 AM

.....tnx for the comments, I do like the BW plugin for what it does but also the photo needs to be one which would benefit, much the same as with any other process.

Harj..... yes, BP v5 does have a bunch of presets offered in the system and one may build additional ones, all of which once applied may be tweaked using any of the BP features. The system is capably BIG, I will never learn a lot of what it can do but for what I do I am quite pleased, v5 is a complete rewrite of the program and an improvement in several areas.... AND super fast.

Zig..... I am looking forward to your everglades photos. As for these the 4th down is of Jake, that photo will be a selection for his end of year senior photo album book as that swing got him a 390 ft blast for his 4th HR this season.

Charles... seems a lot of people confuse me with ZIG when they are short of morning caffeine. It probably has to do with confusing my photos with his (DON'T I WISH THAT WERE TRUE). The 1st photo I believe is a straight conversion, no adjustment.... it is a bit 'old style' and to the point of saying, "you get what you shot", the original hasn't sharp detail.

The morning of that game was miserably cold, it was raining and fog.. we could hardly see the outfielders.. the game was called and picked up later during the tournament.

....posting here the original color photos for a couple of these, any interest in more may be seen here ==>
_____________________ there a way to post photos (sized accordingly) side by side (horizontally placed)? I've seen that presented here but haven't worked at it myself....

tnx, boBB

Greg Chappell Mar 9, 2010 10:17 AM

Baseball's definitely in the air....Josh Hamilton is already hurt. The two seem to go together! Jealous you're getting a head start on me. Grand Prairie Air Hog season is just around the corner and I plan to make several of those in lieu of one or two Rangers games. I'll go there too, but not too many....

They start running live at Lone Star Park in April, too!

boBBrennan Mar 9, 2010 11:00 AM

...hi Greg,
Yeah, the Air Hogs.... see the photo 5th down from the top, that is Brandon Wilkerson, he is the Grace Prep JV coach. Brandon is the son of Curtis Wilkerson, former Ranger and Curtis last season was bench coach for the Air Hogs, he is not this coming season and Brandon said, "there goes my PASS".

I am hoping to get to some of the AH games and maybe to Lone Star too, some of that depends on where Jacob is playing later this year.

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