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Originally Posted by Mikefellh View Post
I'm not attacking you....
Sorry - you do come across that way sometimes.

Originally Posted by Mikefellh View Post
I've had as much frustration trying to find out what the exact regulation in Japan is that required Olympus and others to change their batteries. Unfortunately up till now the regulation has only been known to officials at the companies involved, which can make one think there's a conspiracy to lock out clone makers, just like Panasonic did with their firmware preventing the use of 3rd party batteries.
I've not found any credible references to a regulation, only to a recommendation and not even from a government body. If it's a conspiracy it's not working - it didn't take long for Panny clone batteries with the chip to appear, and the only BLM5 you can buy right now is a clone. So it's very puzzling.

BTW, thanks for that link - I had seen it before but forgot where it was located. Like the Lenstip tests of filters, I would really like a modern update.

BTW, the Panny firmware was kinda funny - they put out a firmware update that only did the anti-clone, but when folks figured out that was going on they set their cameras back to the previous firmware (that's what I did). You can do that with Panny but not with Oly.
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Well, my extra BLM-5 battery arrived today from B&H. This is the combination OEM battery/charger. Came in a combination Olympus box and is marked with the product name "SBLM-5". Charged & cord packed neatly and the BLM-5 in it's owm plain white box.

I guess the benefit of the extra charger will be, when I do use the accessory grip and load both batteries, I can get them charged in about 3 1/2 hours total time.

This new battery also appears to have arrived virtually fully charged. I plugged it into the charger and within 5 minutes the light went off, indicating a full charge. I plugged it in to the E5 and the battery indicator also shows full.

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