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jmu.hopeless Jul 3, 2008 4:55 PM

Well I turned on my e-300 which is about 2 years old today and found that my "OK" buttn was no longer working. I was using the camera about 3 days ago when i was caught in a storm, but it worked afterwards. (I removed the battery and let sit for a day before turning on). I called Olympus and they told me the average fix for this camera is around $293+tax. Does anyone have any ideas on anything i might be able todo to fix this???? or amI just going to have to send it off and have them charge me what it would cost to get a new e-300 body.

On a side note....if there is not a fix without paying $300....I will be forced toupgrade. I know this sounds horriable, but i am in the process of buying a house and a grand on another body for one like the e-520 might not be in the picture.

Ohh and did i mention i have to shoo a wedding for a friend on the 26 of this month. Kinda in a bind huh. Please Help.


HarjTT Jul 4, 2008 3:35 AM

Hi Jason

Now thats a pretty tough decision to take - was in eth same boat with my E1 so I decied to upgrade instead.



:? :O

jmu.hopeless Jul 4, 2008 8:28 AM

Well the 520 is on the way and what do you know the 300 started working this morning.....well nothing wrong with having a new camera. Hopefully the 300 keeps working and now i dont have to share with the wife. Though i do think i will lose any fight when it come to who will be using the 520 :)

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