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Default Canon 7D MK2 specs rumoured ..What next for the EX ?

Rumors of the Canon's 7DM2 spec's were posted today and its going to be an interesting camera a fairly big step up from the 7D from all accounts and if its a mini 1DX, its going to pretty formidable:

24.1mp APS-C Sensor



Dual Memory Card Slots

61 AF Points

3.2″ LCD

Build quality like 5D3

GPS & Wifi

ISO Performance to get close to the 5D3
“Lots of video features”

Now I;d be happy with that lot in a bigger than K5 E-X body but what resolution sensor should the next FT camera be? I'm not holding my breath on Oly pulling out the stops on the E-X - I can see it being an OMD-E in an EX body (which would still be a pretty good) with minimal amount of R&D spent on it.

Personally, I'd like to see a sensor better than whats in the OMD-E, an 18-20MP senor which would then be able to last a 2-3 year period without being instantly outdated. AF needs a complete overhaul as well so as we all know it works like it should in all modes and on par with Canon/Nikon/Sony etc. Price, the rumoured price of the 7DM2 shocked me a wee bit, its in FF territory (7DMk2 or a 6D/5DMk2 ?) so what should the next EX cost if its similarly spec'd?
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According to a post on 43rumours a few days ago , there's going to be plenty of new DSLRs and mirrorless camera and the first of these looks to have become fact with the Nikon D7100 being announced today.


From the pic of camera releases were going to see a lot of new bodies and the E-7 being announced just after the 7DMK2. Lets hope that Oly don;t underestimate what the D400 or 7DMK2 as competition aka with the E3 development with Olys eye on the D200 but Nikon moved onto the D300 by the time the E3 was launched. I'm curious at to what Pentax and Fuji Film do - the X-pro2 could be seriously tempting. If the E-7 is just a shoehorned OMD-E5 then it may not be enough.

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Notice that the photo you posted lists the m4/3 EP-5 this spring, with the m4/3 EM-7 and the full 4/3 E-7 in late summer.

Isn't it interesting that the new Nikon D7100 offers an in-camera crop of the APS-c sensor to change it to a 4/3 size with the 2x factor that we all love in our 4/3 and m4/3 world. Per news reports:
"Sony released the smallest APS-C mirrorless camera (the NEX-3n) and there is a small interesting news on the new Nikon D7100 (here at Amazon). It uses an APS-C (1.5x crop) sensor that has an additional 1.3x Crop Mode. In short the camera will have exactly the same 2.x crop mode of our FT and MFT cameras. Nikon writes: “the D7100 has the unique ability to shoot in a 1.3x DX crop mode for both stills and HD video. While in this innovative mode, shooters will gain an extra telephoto boost (2X), and a boost in burst speed to seven fps, with 15.4- megapixel resolution. Additionally, while in this mode, the 51-point AF array covers more of the frame, allowing improved subject acquisition and tracking performance through the viewfinder.” Too bad the camera doesn’t take FT lenses, it would have become a nice FT camera"
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Now the D7100 raises some interesting questions:

* Price wise - its going to be $1200, cheaper than a OMD-E + grip + FT adapter.
* AF performance - Its going to be better than anything that any of the current FT can do, esp for CAF and predictive AF.
* Does the 1.3 x crop + Nikons AF for the Nikon provide a better solution for those that need the reach that FT always promised ?

Here's a size comparison of the E5 and D7000. If they can get the E-7 down to the size of the D7000 then I think that would be a good compromise and still retain the excellent ergonomics of the E3/E5.


Its going to be interesting to see what specs the D400 has should it appear and then we have the 7DK2 on the horizon. I'm hoping that Oly realise that the E-7 needs to pull out all of the stops and has to be as good as any D400/7DKM2 and priced competitively. A shoehorned OMD-E5 by that time may simply not be compelling enough but is an E-7 really their priority ?
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