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Default CHEAP objetive for E-420

First of all sorry about my bad english

I know Canon and Nikon has a 50mm f1.8 or similar that costs around 120 (160$ us).
Example 1
Example 2

I want something similar for my olympus E420: a cheap, luminous and about 40 or 50mm.

It exists?
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Hi Thorin

There's no real cheap 50mm F1.8 lens for FT, although Sigma was pretty close with the 30mm F1.4 and the 50mm f.14 when it was available so you might want to look for one of those esp if you want AF. The 50mm f1.4 is a very good lens and one thats been on my wish list for a while but I doubt you'd be able to get it at 120 euros.

You could look at the 35mm ZD macro which is a cracking lens but its not a fast lens (ie. not faster than an F2.) or the 50mm F2 macro but its not going to be found for cheap even second hand.

The other option is to get an adaptor and use some of the old manual focus FF glass - so you're looking at say the 50mm Zukio F1.8 or the 1.4, or any of the other old manual 50mm glass.

Check out the for sale section on the fourthirdsphoto.com as you might be able to pick up one of the faster lenses for a good price.



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Hi Thorin: Olympus concentrated on zoom lens for its 4/3 cameras, and the kit zooms are hard to beat for the money. But Harj is right about the 35mm macro being a fine lens for a reasonable price. Also, I have the old manual focus Zuiko 50mm 1.8 from my Olympus OM-2 that works very well on my E-3 with an adapter. The OM manual lens are easily found on the used market and are usually very reasonably priced, and their optics are first rate. Good luck and let us know your search results.
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I hate to open this can of worms, but isn't he really asking for a 25mm lens in the 4/3 world?

[running for cover]
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Are you looking at a similar angle of view as Canon's 50mm lens- and then are you looking through an APS-C or full-frame Canon...?
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worms.... ... not sure but let me check !

I thought about that and well.. there's only 2 real options if your looking for a fast bit of glass there then:

25mm F1.4 Leica D (which is way out of the price range) or the 30mm Sigma F1.4 and the sigma may be a bit hard to get.

I do wish Sigma had stuck around as the updated 30mm F1.4 seems to be a real cracker of a lens but its understandable why they stopped.

The only other option I can think of is the Pancake 25mm F2.8 but the 35mm F3.5 macro is way better than that.
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I have the 35mm macro and for the price it is hard to beat. Very sharp as seen here.

Cockpit Shot by James Gasta, on Flickr

Cockpit Shot by James Gasta, on Flickr

Wing Tip Lights by James Gasta, on Flickr

Landing Lights by James Gasta, on Flickr
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