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Default A clothes collection

Its been a pretty hectic couple of weeks and I recently got asked to shoot a new clothing collection by a student designer friend of mine at real short notice - less than 5 days! . Originally she wanted to have pics inside and on location but that didn;t quiet work out due to the weather and timing. The shoot itself was inside a hotel and as I don;t have any studio lights I was using the god ol strobist setup - one broken FL50 and a sunpak 282 off camera and with the wescott shot thro brollies. To make teh background go white I used to industrial/builders 300W halogen lights that the builders were using in the hotel and then set the the FL50 to manual and 1/1 power. The Sunpak I had set to 1/2.

I'm only posting a few pics from the collection - 9 outfits in total, the model was just fab .. it was her first time modelling and she was just great, the mua was the chef at the hotel (damn handy), hair was by Anika (the designer) and Manu:

All pics shot as RAW, ISo200, F8 1/125s, 35-100F2. Converted to jpeg with LR3beta. What I did notice was that to get the sharpness as good as the OOC jpegs - I needed to add some USM at 70% and 1.0 raduis.

1 .




there's some pretty serious front focusing in this shot .. it annoyed me really bad. The focus point is on the eyes but the E3 seemed to go and focus on the shoulder instead.

5. Laying on a piano - we needed another prop and there was a piano in the room so I got to use that for the shoot!

Final thought .. the IQ and detail are pretty good considering I was using just off camera flash but if I had say 2 studio strobes there would have been a big difference in IQ. Something to definietl think about.



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Good job Harj - actually #4 works very well. Always enjoy seeing your posts.

Steve R.
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Harj, I think the light looks great personally, the images from that lens are extremely pin sharp. sometimes having to scrounge for light creates some interesting moods, you might not have got that with studio strobes.
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i think these look good Harj. good poses, and good contrast shows off the clothing well. good set, i am sure your friend will be happy.
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Hi Harj,

I have no practical experience in portrait or modeling photography so I don't speak from any perspective other than someone who enjoys looking at high quality images that show thoughtful composition, good exposure, are tack sharp and pleasing to the eye.
It's always a pleasure to view your modeling shots.

These as well as your previous posts continue to reinforce the idea that my next lens should be the 35-100mmf2.

Well done

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Hi Guys

Thanks for the comments on the pics. It was a tough but good day when you take everything into account. I had no idea what the clothes were going to be like, how many did she want to have shot, who was going to do hair and makeup and finally who the model was. So thats pretty much a first for me!

I was kind of lucky with the lighting in some of the shots, esp like No1 and No4 where the Sunpak didn;t have enough juice to fire at the same time as the FL50. The two halogen lights came in real handy .. Id seen some one on the strobist flickr page use them on a shoot and as they were available decided to use them to light the back wall in the room. I still would have liked to have had a set of strobes but the 2 flashes did just good.



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...good job Harj, I always enjoy seeing your work, these are nice.

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Old Mar 23, 2010, 8:32 AM   #8
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Nice shots Harj, I envy anyone who understands how to use light and flash.
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Really nice job with the lighting and posing.

Don't know what to say about those clothes other than, they make for great photos! Not sure how many ladies I will see walking the streets of Dallas wearing something like that!
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That's one fine lens you have there. I like them all. #1 and #4 are tops. Love the shadows bringing out the cheek bones in 1.

Fine collection and envious of the photos.

Right about Texas Greg. Land of Big hair and big teeth... Some of my wife's family are in Lufkin, great people.
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