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Here's what I'm trying to do.

I wanted a place where I could post Oly photos simply for the purposes of quality demonstrations.These aren't for art or vacation memories.

I got a new ISPabout two months ago that offers 100MB of photo storage. They said you could upload a picture up to 5MB which I thoughwas fantastic because it meant I could display big photos a near full resolution. SADLY, I discovered they downsized them to 1024 pixels high. But I figured I'd go ahead anyway (what the heck..it's still 100MB of free photo storage) with a different strategy. I want to post the pictures in groups of 3 images per set with the first photo being downsized (the ISP does it...I can't change it) followed by two, large 100% crops. So you still getto see some full resolution images...just not the full frame at full resolution.

The problem is that, when I test the link, I'm logging on from the computer where the site remembers me as the owner. So I don't knowhow it will work for OTHER people.

I'd ask that anybody so inclined could click on the link below and tell me if it functions. Don't worry about the site. It's Shaw Cable, my ISP provider, and a huge provider of cable and internet serives.

If it works,you should see some thumbnails of a couple of plastic figure models. Clicking on any thumbnail should bring up the image BUT then you can clicknext it on "Larger Image" which will open the image in a new window. If you make the window full size, the 100% crops should appear at full resolution around 800x600 pixels.


If it functions, I'll slowly add more images. If it's a dud, I'll give up.

Remember, this isn't where I plan to store my general photo collection (I've got account at imageshack and photobucket) so it doesn't have to be really simple. I'm just checking it out as a place where I can take advatange ofthe free photo storageto direct fellow photo hobbyists for quality comparisons.

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Yep, I can view them.... As of 3:26pm, there were 6 photos.:-)

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...........the link/site works as advertised Brent! Quick and no problems that I see.
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Thanks guys!

When I use the link, it takes me to an administration page then I have to go back and click it again...kind of 'roundabout way of doing things. I wasn't sure how it would work for normal people . I could theoretically test it by logging out but the way my ISP works, if I log out from one of their services, it logs me out from everything (web mail, customer service, billing info).

I'll keep that photo site for my intended purpose. I still know people who think they can get better images by scanning prints taken with their old film cameras. I can't convince them that digital is the way to go because it's difficult to post numbers of detailed pictures on line (well, not difficult but it probably annoys people when a bunch of technical photos show up in their forums).

This way I can say, "If you want to see the 50mm macro in action, check this out).

In fact, the pictures posted were all shot recently with the 50mm macro on the e-510. For reference, the figures are about 6" tall.

REMINDER: to see the crops at full resolution, you have to click on "Larger Picture " and, when the window opens up, expend the window to full size. Otherwise, you'll see the picture but it will be down sized (again, my ISP's fault...if it was up to me, everything would be at full size all the time just to make things simpler).

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Old Jul 4, 2008, 7:46 PM   #5
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Yup, I got a dozen of them. Or 4 full frame shots and their crops. The speed coming up was impressive and I'm on dial up. Usually I have to wait for the pics to scroll down.
Yes, they show briefly at a larger size, not long enough to get a size off but then go down to about 800x600.

Now I like Wallace and Grommit but.........did I mention that those are wierd models...:-)

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Old Jul 4, 2008, 11:09 PM   #6
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Yeah, I'm slowly adding some more.

They won't ALL be models..I'm actually runnning low on models to photograph. But I've started out with models because model builders tend to be among the most careless photographers I've ever met. So I'm loading up with models first in order to convince some of these guys to make an effort when they take pictures.

All of the crops are 800x600. It's just a random size I picked. The first photo in each segment shouild be 1024 pixels high (once more, my ISP's doing, not mine).

But I'm trying to stick to the same pattern so as not to over complicate things. Each set should consist of 3 photos: one full frame followed by two 100% crops at 800x600 pixels. One change I've made is I'll be adding a few E-500 photos (early posting were all E-510).
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Note to anybody who wants to check some more examples, I've added more photos and different lenses.

As of this posting, I've got 19 "main" photos, each with a pair of 100% crops. In other words, 57images in total.

I've now got pictures from the 50mm macro, the 11-22mm and the 70-300. Pictures from both the E-500 and E-510 are included.

As always, a reminder that the 100% crops only appear at 100% if you click on LARGERsize and open the window to full screen.
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