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I am new on this forum and i have a question.
The images coming out of my Olympus E1 have a strange vertical line on every picture.
I have taken some picture without lens and they show the same result. The line gets more visible when i increase the iso settings.
Here is a sample picture taken @ iso 800 without lens:

So I am wondering what this can be, damaged ccd or light leak?

Thanks in advance!
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delete this one...
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I purchased an E-300 a few weeks ago. I noticed I had the vertical line issue like yours. Instead of appearing on the left side of the pics, it was the right side (about 1/8 section) In the original SHQ file, it appeared as white color, when I sized it down for e-mail, it became a black line. I took over 1,000 pics in 2 weeks and the vertical was there in every single picture. As the ISO setting is higher, the line was more apparent.

I called Olympus support with the sample attachments. They determined it was caused by the defective CCD. I immediately called Dell Hardware replacement and they sent me a new E-300 two lens kit and Dell arranged UPS to pick up the defective kit with no charge to me.

After taking around 500 pics with the replacement, the camera proved to be flawless except the view finder only showing 98% of what is recorded to the files (What I see is less that what I get).... It becomes very irritating because I have to crop my pictures so I can get the composition it was intended for. As I gets more critical on my shots, I have to keep in mind that I need to include about 2% less area in my view finder so the correct area will be included in the shot recorded.

I will suggest for all the E-300 owners to take a few pictures with high ISO setting and full resolution, then use the Olympic Master software to do a 1:1 ratio check on the picture from corner to corner to make sure no funny lines appeared. Also, check the view finder composition vs. actual picture recorded (using a tripod will be perfect) to see how the 98% limitation will affect your picture taking experience. A good example will be like the photo shoot I did yesterday with a building excluding the tree next to it. In my view finder, the tree is not there but when I played the recorded pic, part of the tree was there. I ended up taking the pic again excluding a small portion of the building and the recorded pic is fine.... Very frustrating at times!
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