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Default Dodging and Burning in ACR

I can only learn a little bit of this program at one time....

I took some time at home today....since I was home with Pink Eye... to learn how to dodge and burn in Adobe Camera RAW using the Adjustment Brush Tool in the lineup of tools at the top of the screen.

Really cool, the tool lets you drop "pins" on points within the image, select an amount you want to dodge or burn, then paint those areas you want included in that pin. The cool part is, you can start at any value, then change as you see you need or want to go lighter of darker.

Here's one image I did today. This was the original files I processed and posted here a few days ago.

As I looked at it, the shadows in the lower right and underneath the overhang on the platform were darker than I really wanted, the sky was too bright and the buildings in the upper part of the frame could stand to be darkened a little bit, so I dropped the three pins over the areas I wanted to work and, painting and wound up with this..

Nothing dramatic, but it didn't need to be a dramatic change and this final image I like much better.

If you have versions of Photoshop where ACR has the Adjustment Brush Tool, you should check it out. It's pretty cool.
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A second image I did, here's another fisheye shot where I didn't like the darker areas on both the "wider" building to the left, and the shadows in the center to right-hand side of the bottom, and I also wanted to being out more detail in the street light stand in the direct csnter.

Here's the initially processed RAW file..

The, after "burning in" the shadow areas I mentioned above. Again, nothing dramatic, but I'm definitely happier with the image..

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That is impressive Greg, especially considering how easy to make it sound.
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That is impressive and something I know nothing about, I do like your results here. Sorry about the eye, I hope it's better soon.
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Great results without the over processed look of many images today. Thanks
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Yeah, I've always been fond of the dodge/burn tool. I always thought it was one of the most useful tools and it sounds like they've got an interesting improvement on the technique.
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