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Default DOF and good glass ... The benefits of FT

I think I might have posted something similar to this a while ago and after shooting a relgious event this weekend I again realised two of the key benefits of FT:

1. DOF - for me and I think most of us, having that extra DOF due to the 1.8 or 2.x crop factor is actually a real bonus. Taking the pics I did today I was able to just go to F4 - F5.6 and know that the pics would look exactly how I wanted them to be, without having to go to F8 or higher. How many togs shoot wide open at F1.4 or faster other than for portraits or really low light work etc ? Even then I;ve seen quite a few ports where the lens has been stopped down a stop or two as the DOF at 1.4 is just razor thin.

2. Lens quality - Quality and simplicity is the name of the game for the ZDs. We know that from the 3 ranges the lens are going to be from good to excellent from the SG to SHG ranges. From CA, to vignetting etc, the ZD's are sharp wide open .. esp the SHG which are really sharp at F2 and by F2.5 to 2.8 razor sharp. Build quality .. well we know that the HG/SHG ranges are just built to last.no compromises(I'm sure there are many Nikon/Canon glass built the same way), although Oly should really have updated all of them, esp the SHg glass to SWD. I had a look at a possible Nikon setup and kind of gave up after a while trying to work out what Nikkor setup would be the same as the 14-35f2/35-100f2 in terms of build, IQ, etc etc.

So right now, I'm content with the lenses that I have, (although I won't get the 14-35F2 unless I'm in the US - its currently an extorinate 1700 - about 2700USD in the UK) and the benefits that we get from them as FT shooters.


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