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I was wondering why the new Evolt that started out at around $1499 is now dropping in price? Usually a new camera sticks firm for a year or so. At tristatecamera.com it has come down to $769. My friend is interested in the camera but is now wondering if theres something wrong he doesnt know about. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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All the stores that I have seen have it listed for within about $50cdn of what it was when it first became available. It could be that the $1500 price was before they had it in stock (try and squeeze a few extra bucks out of peoples pockets for the right to have it first?). Was that $1500usd? If so thats very high as a local store to me thats been selling it since pretty well day one originally had it listed for $1249cdn and now has it at $1229cdn for the kit.

There is also a $100usd rebate for US/CDN buyers on the E-300 body and kit... this is most likely a reaction from Oly to match the rebates from Nikon and Canon on their respective entery level models.

1 thing that might worry me about tristatecamera.com having it listed for that cheap is if its for the entire camera kit (lens, battery, charger, etc.) or just the camera body or body+lens..... I know some retailers offer really low prices like this... well below MAP but there is also a catch attached to it.
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it is the hole kit involved in the price of 769 after 100 rebate.
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hmmmm, I kinda think we can figure out why the E-300 has been dropping in price as of late. I think its name is the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT.
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I guess the bar for consumer model DSLRs has been raised to 8MP.
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