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seppop Oct 19, 2004 12:43 AM

I've been a happy owner of an O-4 for almost twenty years,
until about a year ago, when it finally died on me.
I have the following lenses for it:
Zuiko 35/F2.8
Zuiko 50/F1.8
Zuiko 135/F4.5
Zuiko 500/F8 Reflex
Tamron 60-300/F(can't remember right now)
Tamron AF 70-210/F(something or other)

My local Olympus dealer has E-1 adapter
(which is not too loudly advertized by Olympus, btw.)
and has promised to lend me an E-1 for a few days
for testing (sometimes in November).

My questions are:
Has anyone tried an E-1 with "old" glass?
What sort of results could be expected?
Would this be an effort in futility?

I currently have a Panasonic FZ20, had it about two weeks
now. Pretty happy with it, but I'm still drooling about
an E-1 (or an E-300)...

Seppo P.

digcamfan Oct 19, 2004 7:44 AM

Welcome to the forum :)

Yes, by all means use your old lenses with an adapter if you can, Seppop on a new E-1.

You have a most generous friend who will loan you an E-1.

Olympus likes to sing its praises and it appears to be a very good digcam.

Fporch, a forum, has some splendid E-1 galleries.

However, they are not willing to stand behind their product.

Recently, they removed the E-1 from their E-series 2-year warranties.

They do not even offera substitute E-1 only 2-year warranty.;forum_id=36

What message does this send to all E-1 owners or prospective owners?

The "message" it says tothis forum memberis this:

"We cannot 'afford' to include the E-1 in our 2 year warranties."

"We do not believe an E-1 will last three years."

"We do not value or respect our customers, the men and women and children, who purchase and use our products and, ultimately, provide for the personal quality in our lives, pay our mortgages, etc."

"We are not accountable to our customers."

Sadly, "caveat emptor" (buyer beware)with respect to the E-1.

Until, Olympus positively and concretely addresses this issue, I would never consider a purchase of an E-1, though I consider it to be a very fine digcam indeed.

seppop Oct 19, 2004 8:52 AM

Thanks for the welcome!

Yep, that's one thing I'm a bit worried about (the warranty thingie...). It is one of the reasons I'm still
wavering between E-1 and E-300 (or perhaps E-2? :idea:)
and my current FZ20.

Anyway, I'm *really* interested to know how E-1 deals with
the old Zuikos. If nobody has been able to test them, I'll
be happy to provide results from my tire kicking when
I get to do the test drive.

Seppo P.

seppop Oct 19, 2004 9:42 AM

There's another thing.

When I get the E-1 for testing with the "old" lenses, what should I actually do?

What I mean is that it isn't worth much to point the camera
at various directions with different lenses and mumble:
"hmmm... looks good/bad".

(I'm not going to have tons of time with the camera, anyway)

Good suggestions as to the procedure?

Seppo P.

fporch Oct 19, 2004 7:50 PM

You can buy an E-1 from B&H and return it if you don;t think it will work out - B&H is very good about this, as long as the camera is retuned in new condition with all packaging and accessories. I don't know why Oly changed the warranty - I did buy the extended warranty with my E-1. I sure like this camera and I'll be the first report any problems.

THX for the kind words DigiCam, a person can live for a week on a compliment (Mark Twain).:|

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