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Well i've had my E-1 setup (camera, battery grip, 14-54, fl50) for the better part of a year now and haven't up until a couple weeks ago been truely amazed with the results ive been getting. Call it a steep learning curve, the fact ive never owned an slr camera or just needed to do a little R-T-F-M ing.I think i'm finally seeing results that I simply could not acheive with my well used Oly c750uz:

14-54mm @ 17mm, F22, 1.3sec expossure

I think the hardest thing to get used to is the depth of field control and trying to get everything in focus compared to the c750uz which was easy because of the tiny sensor in that camera.:?More than a few thoughts about selling off the camera and picking up another prosumer have gone through my head but now im finally happy to see results that bring a smile to my face and sometimes drop my jaw!:G
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I've used cameras for decades and eventually [after going down the film scanner route, which I still use!] bought an E1. Digital is a lot more fussy about exposure accuracy due to the lack of exposure latitude in comparison to slide, and the luxury of loads of latitude on colour neg film, but the effort, as you say, is well worth it! Just don't get locked into the 'More Megapixels better images' mentality where you end up continually upgrading, but therefore never really get to grips with the technology because of the upgrading.
As for the capabilities of the E1, I've often as not found the reason for any 'failings' are down to my technique, NOT the camera. What I like about the E1 is it's ergonomics, build quality and that it is not packed with a vast range of options which delude you into thinking that the automation via these will deliver better results than you can with a bit of practice, systematic assessment of what you are doing, and using what no camera or computer has yet to devise a superior version of, the human brain!
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Cameras are like cars...a basic point and shoot is like a VW Beetle with an automatic transmission...anyone with a license can drive one. The C-750 was like a Porsche with a triptronic transmission...still anyone could drive it, but you have to learn the car's limits to really make it perform...and you have to practice to drive it to the limit in its manual modes. The E-1 is like a high performance racing car...you have to study and learn how to use it, you have to practice to really get the best out of it...but when you're behind the controls, it's a fantastic machine.

Photography is a skill, which you can always learn something new.

After owning my E-300 just a few days, I've taken pictures that I could never have taken with my C-700...I had forgotten what it is like behind the controls of such a high performance camera.
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