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JoeFBoeing Dec 16, 2005 2:03 AM

Greetings all,

I have a couple scripts that I need a DSLR for because video and film will not capture the feel I'm going for. Anyways, I need a Oly DSLR that has good color and focusing in rapid shot mode and can produce a quality shot indoors with limited grain as well as in my college's studio under extreme lighting conditions that my Oly c5050 couldn't handle nor my c8080.

I also work at an ice rink and would like the camera to be able to hendle hockey and other sprts with a quick from shutter press to picture time.

I'll have about $1500.00 to spend and will be able to by it in Januray or Febuary of 06


drmrsdad Dec 19, 2005 10:20 PM

Hey Joe, I just bought the E-500 package which included 2 lenses for $899.00

It came with a 14-45 3.5 lens whichin 4/3equals 28-90 zoom in standard format. It also came with a 40-150mm zoom which equals 80-300 in std format

I couldn't be happier with my purchase, although I'll have to purchase the 14-54 2.8 down the road, As I do a lot of low light (concert, clubs, auditorium) pictures. Here are some pictures I took recently in 2 seperate clubs very low light conditions. Most of these small clubs have maybe 2 or 3 light cans at the most. If you've got $1500 to spend and you going from a point and shoot, no reason why you should get the E-1. I'd go with the E-500 and then spend the extra cash on an other accesories ie. extra batery pac, Flash unit (although the built in worked fine so far) or maybe another lens. It is chock full of features and is a real step up from a point & shoot. My last Digital camera was a Canon G2 which I also use.

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