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I run a small digital studio in Thailand

I've been using the Fuji S7000 which has to be replaced... I got a S9500.. but I got a bad one

There is a dealer here which has the E1 for the same price as the S9500 and the E 300 for just a bit more... bu the E500 isn't here yet

he said that the E1 is more suitable for studio work...

is he right...? is it a bargain... or too out of date? .... is the E300 or 500 a better buy

I'm not really looking for an SLR... getting into a lens system and all that... but if it is a bargain not to be missed perhaps I shouldn't miss it

can you wise guys help me with your experience of Olympus digital SLR's
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For studio/portrait/glamour work I'd think the E-1 would be great--depending on how large you need to print. The E-1 has great dynamic range and lucious colors, but only 5.n MP, which means that printing very large sizes will require some interpolation. Since you control your lighting in a studio, shooting at high ISOs isn't an issue (and I've seen outstanding work done at ISO3200 with an E-1 anyway). They are a bargain right now since the new E-x model is expected out sometime next spring-summer. The E-500 or even E-300 is also a steal at the current prices--if you go for it, the two-lens kit is a great bargain. If you want to see what the E-1 and other E-system cameras can do, go to My Four Thirds, or to the Olympus Pro Gallery.

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I know I was looking seriously at the Fuji 9000 before, but with all the quality issues that I read, I changed my mind and decided to go to a full DSLR.

The E500 two lens kit is a great bargain and a quality camera.
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For studio work, I think E-1 would be the better choice, especially if you work tethered to a computer as it has USB2/firewire so transfers are much faster.

Although E-1 is getting on in age now and was the first, it is the only one of the three that is a pro camera, while the E-300 and E-500 are entry level.

There rumours flying about a new E coming out early to mid next year...no one knows the true details but it will be another pro camera, so Olympus is dropping the price on the E-1.
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I agree that the E-1 still has a lot to recommend it. It still commands excellent prices anywhere you look.

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