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zig-123 Aug 2, 2008 5:31 PM

Hi Greg,

Thanx for your insight on the E-1 and, since I have an E-510 as well,your comparisons of the twoarethat much more meaningful to me. and thanks for pointing out what can be seen on the screen AFTER the shot is taken. I didn't realize just how basic the E-1's review screens were.

Think I might just save my pennies and look at upgrading to an E-3 at some point when the time is right.



Greg Chappell Aug 3, 2008 2:35 AM

I'm sure that Pana-Leica 14-50 f2.8-3.5 is a very, very nice lens, but today I had a very short opportunity to dabble with the lens that's now moved to the top of my "I wannit next" list....the 14-35 f2 Digital Zuiko. This was shot at f2 and 1/125 sec at ISO 400 with my E510. The subject is "Mr. Olympus" at Arlington Camera. A very knowledgeable guy and Olympus user himself...

zig-123 Aug 3, 2008 6:08 AM

What... no 9-18mm lens?????????:G

"For me, it's a matter of so many choices, so little money.



HarjTT Aug 3, 2008 8:02 AM

Hi Zig

Greg's made some pretty valid points when comparing the two cameras. Ergonomically the E1 has a better feel to it in the hand than the E3, and its just a tad smaller height as well. Its got a quieter shutter as well and the AF assist lamp- I do miss both with the E3. However with the E3, you get a bigger OVF, articulated LCD, much better menu system and all for the options that brings, the newer AF system - altough I still think theres a few issues that need to be fixed, specifically CAF perfomance, in built flash (thats damn handy when you don;t have the Fl50/36 around), and the higher resolution. Ergomically its a fine camera just I think the E1's slightly better and you don;t smudge the LCD with your nose!

Greg' re: 14-35F2 - not sure if I'd get one, well not purchased in the UK (£1600=3100USD!) and until Oly fix the AF issues that people are reporting esp in low light.



:O :?

Greg Chappell Aug 3, 2008 10:43 AM

The couple of shots I tried with the 14-35 f2 on my E510 the AF action was "different". I've become used to the typical process with non-SWD lenseswhere the AF system makes one move, then usually a small, last adjustment and you're then in focus.

As I pressed the release down, the 14-35 f2 made 4 or 5 very, veryfast moves and was then in focus. The delay did not seen any slower in that type light than I would expect from the lenses I now have, but I've read the same comments you have and thought about them as I played with this lens yesterday.

In the end, eventually,I am going to buy it and the 7-14, so when I am at that point I'll just have to consider which I want first. The good thing about Olympus is, when the fix does come, I imagine it will be in the form of something we can download ourselves. Today I am in no's going to be a little while yet before I do anything, so I may just send them an email since I could wait a while for a response and see what they say.

The price of the 14-35 f2 least, at Arlington Camera, is $2,295 plus 8% sales tax for buying it in-state. If someone called from out-of-state, the sales tax part does not get applied, just like buying from B&H in New York upposed to buying online from here in Texas. The salesman told me they have sold around 6 of them since they started stocking it.

zig-123 Aug 3, 2008 11:38 AM

Hi Harj,

I keep juggling back and forth between, price, performance and features. The features that kept me going back to the E-3 vs the E-1 is the viewfinder (boy, do I miss a large viewfinder), IS and increased resolution. Greg added the caveats relating to the viewing screen limitations of the E-1.

Based on all the forum discussions on various sites that I've visited in the last few months, seems to me that it be great if the Oly design team would take the best features of the E-1,E-330-liveview capability, and the E-3 and incorporate them into a new DSLR. Not saying it has to happen anytime soon,'s just a thought


tkurkowski Aug 3, 2008 2:09 PM

HarjTT wrote:

I think the E1's slightly better and you don;t smudge the LCD with your nose!
The E3 fits my hand extremely well - my right thumb naturally rests in a location that doesn't hit buttons, unlike the E500, soI guess how these cams feel depends to some extent on the size of your hand. But I want to thank you Harj for the comment about the nose smudges on the E3's LCD - I was wondering if i was the only one who thinksthat is annoying...


HarjTT Aug 3, 2008 2:43 PM

Hi Ted

The nose smudging drives me nuts! With the E1 it just doesn;t happen but with the E3 its a constant pain in the butt.

Oly changed the ergonomics slightly on the hand grip, specifically the area where the thumb rests from the E1 - on the E1 its better contoured and shaped. You don;t noticed it with the E3 until you pick up the E1 and why they changed it I'm not sure but its what gives that feel to the E1. The E3 feels much better and easier to handle with the 35-100F2 and I'm assuming that applies to all of the larger HG and SHG lenses.

The 1.2 FW update for the E3 seems to have fixed the WB issue with the E3 - I was testing the E3 today at the studio and flash WB @ 5600K now shows white as white instead of a cream colour. I'm still not 100% sure about the lens or the camera at the moment - started to focus hunt even after I'd locked it and only behaved correctly until it was powered off.

I'm hoping that Oly act quickly and fix the lens problem with the 14-35F2 or if its with the E3's AF's system. I'm still planning on getting the 25mm 1.4 Leica D and hopefully fairly soon - its supposed to focus really fast on the E3 and super silent when doing so - even though its not a XMS/SWD lens.



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