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Hello everybody,

I am ready to take the plunge and buy the E-1 for all the reasons E-1 owners love their camera. However, reading the discussions on this forum I have the impression that most pictures taken with the E-1 need post processing. It also seems that most pictures are taken in RAW format and then converted to jpeg, TIF etc after "fixing."

My question is: is it possible to get good quality SHQ jpeg pictures straight out of the camera? Would this picture be good enough for publishing? What is the situation with jpeg artifacts?

Many thanks for your input.

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A lot depends on the specifics. Yes, jpeg images are very good straight from camera, but a lot depends on what your tastes are. And whether they would be acceptable for "publishing" depends on what kind of "publishing" you have in mind (it's a pretty broad term). Some places require TIFF files larger than xx megabytes, and so forth. But mostly it depends on the photographer--you.
Note that most dSLR's by design add less adjustment (hue, saturation, sharpening) to jpeg images than point-and-shoot cameras, and let the photographer adjust those in PP, since it's assumed she'll want to anyway.

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It is quite possible you'd be happy with JPEG's straight from the camera, but you'd need to do some experimenting to see what settings would make you happy, and no one here can help you with that- only you know what level of "good enough" is good enough for you. There are several levels of sharpness you can "dial in" for your JPEG's as well as other variables, such as contrast, saturation and color space. Lastly, if you plan to utilize JPEG only, settle on one compression level and keep it there. If you make all your decisions based on SHQ, then get cheap and dial in a higher compression level just to cram a couple extra images onto your card you can throw all your testing out the window as higher compression will make a difference in your final product.

It isn't that most images taken with the E-1 need post-processing. Most images from ALL digital SLR's need post-processing. The Canon 10D and Digital Rebel digitalSLR's I used prior to my current E-1 were a crap shoot at JPEG capture being acceptable straight out of the camera. Ultimate quality with digital SLR imageswill be as good as the work you put into them- point and shoot they are not. My guess is that no attempt at post processing with any digital SLR model from any maker is justasking to be disappointed.

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