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My first digital camera was an E-10 (after many hours of careful research) and I was impressed and satisfied. The image review was a bit slow and shot to shot speed limited me on a few occasions but all in all, the pics I got with it were quite good.

The E-10 was stolen after 1 year and by then the Digital Rebel was out. I was lured by the promise of high ISO and long-exposure performance and the dizzying array of lenses available for the Canon EF mount so I took the bait. Sure enough, I got nice pictures but I can't say I was ever satisfied with the Canon DRebel.

I almost upgraded to the 20D but in the end I sprung for the E-1. I will use this camera til it dies, I could hardly be more satisfied.
I like the light-weight that results from the four-thirds system.
I like the top-notch build quality - weatherproof.
I like the superb ergonomics of the E-1.
I like no menu-diving.
I like the locking controls (mode dial, etc).
I like the 100% viewfinder, I was ALWAYS cropping my DRebel Pics.
I like the 4:3 aspect ratio
I like the natural colors I'm getting with the E-1.
I like the center focus point just fine - it's all I use anyway.

I find I spend far more time enjoying photography and far less time agonizing about what lens I need. Next vacation I am confident that I won't come home and find that the last half of my vacation has dust spots on the small aperture shots. I have no concerns about getting caught in the rain or handling my camera with wet hands.
I don't miss IS at all
I don't miss High ISO much, in my experience, the difference is not as great as some would have you believe.
I would like a few more megapixels but I am quite content with 5. having an accurate viewfinder, I find I don't waste as much image. The E-1 has turned out to be plenty fast for me, I never have to wait for it (shooting RAW+JPG). It's large RAW files (10.4Mb) do fill up my 512 cards quickly though.

All in all I am delighted with the E-1. I think the Four-Thirds system and Zuiko lenses are worth investing in.

I have read many of the arguments about large sensor and small sensors, full frame sensors and noise and CMOS vs CCD and whatever. Some folks seem to think that the sensor size limitation of the Four-Thirds system will cause it's demise. I beg to differ. If you want bigger sensors for DOF reasons, go for it, but in all my years I've seen advancing technology mostly make things smaller (I have an old 20 Mb hard drive that weighs over 5 pounds)!

I'm not worried about the "small" sensor in my E-1. Big sensors need big lenses. I think there are great things in store for the Olympus system. Of course if you want the exercise, a few extra pounds of L-ens might be a good thing.


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