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turp Feb 17, 2003 11:25 AM

E-10/E-20 High Voltage Flash Trigger Info.If you're looking
I know this gets addressed occassionally but I wanted to see for myself. The FAQs sheet for the E-20 on the Olympus site has info regarding high voltage flash triggers. They say there is a filter in the E10/E20 cameras for this porpose. However, they do not state the voltage limit . My guess is that they realized this camera would be used in commercial flash and studio lighting applications.

Also, I may list a new thread if little or no response,but I looking for some Ideas for a flash unit. I'm currently using a Vivitar 283.

I read alot of post by users not using TTL units.

In using TTL Nikon "D" & Canon TTL I realize the importance and ease of TTL Fill Flash. I was wondering If Non TTL units gave as pleasing results without being too labor intensive?

I'm considering as possible TTL units The Metz or Promaster.

As non TTL the: Sunpack 120j,383,444
Vivtar 285.

Thanks for any help in this question.

marokero Feb 17, 2003 12:01 PM

I would highy recommend the Metz 54MZ-3, as it's a very versatile flash unit and will allow you to use it in different cameras with the correct SCA module. The Promaster will allow for that too, but since I own the above Metz, I'm a bit partial to it ;) One thing to note, should you decide to move from the E-10/20 and go to a Nikon DSLR (as I have) the SCA module currently offered for Nikon cameras doesn't work with D100, D1, D1x/h. I have also heard the Canon module too doesn't work with 1D, D30, D60, 1Ds. Metz should release new modules soon if they want to keep people's businesses - I don't want to buy a Nikon flash if my Metz is already so great.

snagglepuss31 Feb 17, 2003 4:26 PM

A non-TTL flash works very well with the E's. If you are planning to use the flash a great deal then I would suggest a TTL option, but for occasional use the Vivitar 283 will do a very nice job in manual mode.

I have two 283's and a Sunpak 383. They are pretty much equivalent. The Sunpak has the swivel head that makes it a little more versitile.

My two 283 have very different trigger voltages. The older unit, which is "Made in Japan" has a trigger voltage of about 280V. The other flash which is "Made in Korea" has a 8V trigger. Needless to say the lower voltage flash is the one I use, but I have heard that there are no problems with the higher (<300V) voltages.

My Sunpak 383 has a trigger voltage of 6V.

I would measure the trigger voltage of your 283 and if it is safe, play around with it on your E-20 to decide for yourself if you can live without TTL.

It you have a voltmeter (DVM) measuring the trigger voltage is easy. Turn the flash on and when it showns "ready" hold one probe to the center connection of the flash and the other to the contact at the rail. You should see a stable voltage it the flash is worling ok.

turp Feb 17, 2003 11:29 PM

Thanks. My 283 measures at 278 volts. I will go TTL
I checked when I first found out about high volt triggers.

I was just thinking of when used a potato masher Metz 60 ct4 on a N90s for weddings. Even though it was not a Nikon "D" TTL, I still got great results when I needed fill flash. So I will probly go with the Metz TTL

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