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You basically multiply the battery voltage by its current rating in hour, for example 4 x (1.2V x 1700mAh) = 8.16Wh for your NiMh battery. The Lipo battery pack is 30W, but then it's not the same price(size or weight) is it? So you need like 3 sets of 2100mAh NiMh for the same capacity(but a lot cheaper)! 8)

The microdrive at idle doesn't draw much current and is only slighly more than a flash card most of the time. Only during actual write does it draws ~200mA, but only in short bursts of hundred of milliseconds, and then you have the camera own current draw from the battery... In summary there's two ways to look at this from the experience with my camera on NiMh diet:
1. You can easily blast off "snapshots" in the space of an hour filling up the entire microdrive on 1 set of battery (ie just writes and almost no idle "composing" time).
2. Shoot leisurely 3/4 of a day on 1 set of battery with the camera always-on (ie with automatic power down), but remember the Oly does not have an EVF so you should get better mileage!

BTW the microdrive is not a matter of opinion, or just one manufacturer test for reliability, but may be NASA's engineers know some thing or two about rad-hardening and electron migration in flash as well... :lol:
"IBM designed the Microdrive for reliability, high-performance and huge capacity -- features that are essential to meet NASA’s rigorous standards for critical missions"...
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Thanks alot.. you've been a great help...........
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Well, I'm more than two months late to this party, but...

I have an E20, a 1GB MD, and the battery pack with two LiPo batteries and charger. My usage strategy is somewhat different than those described above. I have six 128MB SM cards which I use for shooting in the field. In the evening, I install the MD and dump images from the cards into the MD and then remove it. I NEVER use the MD during shooting sessions.
I use the battery pack all the time, even though it adds weight and bulk to the camera. I find the portrait grip and the battery pack add balance and stability to the camera, reducing shake and improving image quality, especially on full zoom.
Here is my website with recent Africa pix taken with the E20.
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