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Digitalmania Jun 19, 2002 11:40 PM

Is the E-20 fast enough for air show event photography
Hi People
I'm looking for a slr type camera that can follow action at air shows! I will be printing 8X10's on the spot. I was going to wait for the D60 but time line is against me plus i read in forums D60 not so good at Action shots. Also worry about write speed of E20. What can you advise me?
Thanks !

JDickens Jul 5, 2002 10:12 AM

Here is my advice. If you are printing on site (I do the same) you can use the E-20. I shoot rodeo (indoors) and Kart racing (Outdoors) and it does well in both if you have your camera set correctly. I have also shot an airshow but I did it with my nikon 990 and an eagle eye zoom lens. Man was that hard.

Ok back to the E20. If your shooting outside your photo quality will be very good. You should be able to track and shoot pretty well. You will run into photo buffer problems though as you stated in your post.

Another problem you may have is with the AF. I find it is slow and for my action shots in most cases I have to pick a spot and AF on the spot and then set the camera to MF. Then you have to wait for your subjuct to hit that spot or close to it. This is more of a problem in lower light situations but with the distance and the tracking speed you will be shooting at you my find it a problem also.

Lastly you will have better luck with slower planes then you will with faster ones. If you get one of the big jet teams the buffer will really test your sanity. You may want to get a few shots of them before durring take off to make up for what you will miss in the sky.

Hope this helps.. wish I could have gotten it to you sooner.

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