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In case y'all don't know about this web site:


The Four-Thirds User site is very much inclined to like the E-3, but the above is a good thread about the E-3 because Ian has a pre-production one to test and he's answering questions about it as honestly as he can, in that forum.

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Well, after this part, I'm not not so sure I'll put much faith into the poster's impressions:

The shutter/mirror action is vibration free but I feel the E-1 is quieter and more 'snappy' in its action; there is a very slight hard edge to the sound of the E-3; though not as bad as the Sony A1/A700 or Canon EOS-30D, among others.
The new Sony DSLR-A700 uses a brand new carbon fiber shutter with dual mirror stoppers to prevent bounce and vibration, and it's a much quieter shutter mechanism compared to the A100. Yet, the poster seems to place them in the same class.

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Hi Ted/Jim

Thanks for the link - pretty interesting to see what they think about the E3. I think with the E3's release there are some people on the various sites that are just not doing their home work and being impartial with the E3 and how it fares to with its counterparts.

I think the most informed reviews are going to come from sites like Steve's, Imagine Resource, DPR, dcresource, etc and I'm looking forward to those. The video that I linked in another post - with [email protected] gave me a much better idea on what the E3 is going to be like - OVF size, the LCD and he seemed very enthusiastic about the E3 throughout the whole recording.


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In the 4/3 forumdiscussion about the E-3,a link to the E-3 Users manual was posted:


There is some question whether that version is the final manual, but if you are having a rainy day and want to know more about the E-3 menus and controls, there you are...


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Thanks for the link to the manual. Very interesting. The e-3 has all the buttons needed and at the right places.


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