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Default E- 30: AUTO FOCUS BLINKED RED on the E-30 LCD (???)

Good morning to everybody,

I`ve a little question about my OLYMPUS E-30 with 14-54 II (Lens)

Yesterday during a tour with my group here in Switzerland inside a little forest
I was trying to do some photos of a little tiny river flowing down from a piece
of a rock (inside the forest – so the daylight condition was not with top light
because there were a lot of trees covering the sky and producing inside the
forest a sort of shadows)

My intention was to make some shots of this tiny river trying to obtain this
typical effect (that sometimes you can see in some postcards) obtained of fast
movement flowing water like waterfalls. (Usually obtained setting the camera
with relative long opening time).

So in order to get the best condition I thought to fix the camera on my tripod
and setted the E-30 on:

"Manual" mode: Depth of Filed of around 22 and Time of ca. less then 1 second.
(ISO on 100 and saving the files in Raw mode) and Image Stabilizer setted on
mode 1.

Strange thing happened during the focusing: the rectangular AUTO FOCUS dot (not
the round one) after a little while changed.

Instead to stay (as usual) turned fix with signal in White, started with a RED
Blinking signal (on the screen of the LCD).

Consider that the camera never received Chokes, damages, never falled, no
scratches or something similar and always handled as my favourite "baby"…

The camera was bought new (Last November) and properly updated in every
releases. (Lens as well as the Body with its firmware releases as in Olympus web
site Ver. 1.1)

Surprised of the described situation ….I immediately turned off my Camera and
after 30 second re-turned on.

And (strange) the above mentioned Red Blinking AF Dot on the LCD never
reappeared. (?)

Now I'm asking if someone there has noticed something similar too.

Is there a reason? Technical explanation…?

Does anybody know something about...?

Have I maybe "pushed" the E-30 to a limit or to a wrong condition?

The setting that I've done had maybe are not a correct sense for the
corresponding scene /context'…?

Auto Focusing in Manual mode on a continuous flowing (subject like waters) does
maybe mean "leading" the machine to a not correct context and the built in Image
stabilizer should be in reality setted on OFF.

Or has the camera maybe a defect? A Issue?

Consider that up to my camera had never (and I repeat) never had an issue and
worked fine...

Thank you for your kind support and feedback.

Best regards


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Hi: This question needs to be moved to the Olympus DSLR forum. There are several knowledgeable members there who own the E-30 and they will be glad to offer advice.
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Sounds like it was just a case of being to close to focus or not enough contrast to focus, Doesn't sound like a problem with the camera but I do not own a e-30 so I can't say for sure. Maybe someone here with an e-30 can add further info.

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The first comment I can make about your setup is, on a tripod, image stabilization should be turned off. It is not designed to be used while the camera is on a tripod.

I don't really follow what you are saying about the focus points. f22 sounds about right for what you were wanting to do, although I probably would have used aperture priority instead and fiddled with the exposure until I had figured out the right amount of negative exposure compensation to dial in, or just used live view to preview the scene and get it right without having to experiment using the optical finder and taking a few test shots.
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Hi Claude,

Can't say that I've ever experienced the issue you did with your E-30. The E-30 that I have has never done anything like what you describe. I honestly don't think that you have any sort of major problem.

As for image stabilization, I generally agree with Greg's statement relative to disabling image stabilization when mounting the camera on a tripod. There are times, however, when I use a long lens on a windy day when I do indeed enable IS1. An easy way of determining if IS1 would be of benefit is to enable live view and see how much camera shake you have.


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