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agiaccio Feb 1, 2005 11:05 AM

What the story with this? I visited my local camera store last week and had the chance to play with the Olympus E-300. I like the look and feel of this dSLR. I immediately went home and started to do some research on this dSLR.

The Olympus web site claims: "with the FourThirds CCD, the outcome is clear, accurate color, sharp contrast and bright images even at the edges"

However, the DCRP conclusion claims: "If I was buying an entry-level SLR I would probably lean toward the D70 due to its superior performance and image quality, unless having 2 million more pixels was of absolute importance."

The DPREVIEW conclusion claims: "If you're a real stickler for image quality however you may wish to consider other cameras."

bogeyman Feb 1, 2005 3:48 PM

and based upon actual observation of the photos taken with the E-300, I made the decision and just ordered one.......I found the quality, edge to edge was quite sharp and clear even using the kit lens. If you scan those taken and shown on the several camera websites available, and listen to those who are using the camera, you will see what I mean. To date, I have yet to hear from anyone who was sorry they bought the camera.....and many who were thrilled with the quality that exceeded their expectations. In a few days, i will find out for myself.

Technophile Feb 3, 2005 3:13 AM

All the mags recommend Nikon or Canon for some reason. I guess it's what they're used to. But I've yet to read a negative report of the E300 from someone who's actually bought one. The general opinion is that the shots staright from the camera are better than Canon or Nikon, which require a lot of post processing, and the bundled lens is also better than the competition. The only the thing that would worry me is the poor lens selection and the lack of any form of image stabilisation on offer.

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