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agiaccio May 2, 2006 10:25 AM

I'm considering purchasing the Olympus E-330 to use on my telescope because of the Live View LCD. How good is the Live View LCD? Is it clear enough to provide accurate focusing? What about Depth of Field (DOF) preview?

AJ-vi May 14, 2006 8:54 AM

You should look at the review at Digital; and consider the issues raised concerning image quality. The review can be found at .
I was all set to purchase an E330 and after seeing the dp review and test photos have held off until Olympus fixes this problem.

I have queried other users and exchanged quite a few emails on this subject, and I believe there is a serious flaw in the E330 software. Apparently, Olympus choose to have the camera do some internal noise reduction, even when the noise reduction program is not selected from the menu. If you look at the test photos posted by Olympus and others, you will see they look ok on the screen, but if printed (I use an epson 2400) the details are not as sharp as they should be, even after sharpening with photoshop, etc. I have not seen any mention of this problem with the E500, but it doesn't have live view. So at the moment I have decided to wait to see what Panasonic and Lecia do and whether their new DSLR has the same problems.:sad:

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