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Default E-5 - Thoughts at the end of the first day

Well, the new toy got some use today, but light was not great. I never really ventured out, but instead just shot a little around the yard. I figured I spout off some comments.

First, the E-3 is a great camera and I doubt I'll be using it much anymore. I look at how much I used it (quite alot) and its general condition (quite good) and you understand how well that thing is put together. Its been rained on and snowed on countless times and never so much as hickupped along the way. It is a tank and it hardly has a mark on it.

Why that paragraph? I don't think that the E-5 will be the same. That oversized LCD extends to the bottom on the camera body. It is going to get beat up in my use. It will be just like the bottom pedal of my lens hoods. That's where it get set when I'm not using it, and that will get scratched in the same way. Maybe I should attach the quick release plate even though I don't use it as a spacer to keep it off the table.

Sd instead of xd. Oh yes!!! I thought CF cards would be the main card, but day one goes for the SD card instead. Why??? Because the laptop has a slot for that card and I don't need the card reader. Dumpping the XD was a great thing that gives another real choice.

Everthing I've read says the E-3 and E-5 are pretty much identical as far as handling. I say there is something different in the grip. I prefer the E-3. Maybe its imaginary, but my longest finger bottoms out on the E-5 and didn't on the E-3. The grip feels deeper on the E-3.

There is different stuff on the menu of the E-5 that I'm not used to seeing. The art filters, video settings, and other odds and ends that I may have and forgot, or else are new. Bottom line is I have a ways to go to understand the new toy.

The black BLM-1 works in the camera. The reason I know is because I was intending on swithcing to the proper battery but somehow spaced it off today. Bottom line is human error is still the main limit to my photography.

The E-3 is a very good camera. I've only shot something less than 100 frames and I can tell you the E-5 is a better camera. Its more capable in high ISO, its more positive in focus in low light, it does everything the E-3 did and does it as well, or better. I'm glad it is in my kit and I'm looking forward to learning to get the most from it.

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thanks for those impressions Greg. They seem to follow much of what is being said, anyone who loved their E3 will love the E5 just a little bit more. I don't have an E5, but I have the EPL1 which uses the same sensor, and the image quality from that sensor combined with the Oly engine has always impressed me, even up to 3200 when needed.

Look forward to more impressions as you grow with the cam. I am sure there are many that will be following this thread. Thanks for sharing.
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Hi Greg,

Just finished looking at your first day of E-5 samples as well as enjoying reading your initial impressions of the E-5 as it compares to the E-3.
And I have to echo what Dustin has already stated. There are many on this forum, me included, who are looking forward to more of your impressions of the E-5 as you familiarize yourself with it.

Congrats on getting the camera by the way.


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...thanks Greg, I'm looking forward to your coming posts.

I have and love using my E-3, I bought it right away when it was introduced and it has seen a lot of use. I can't imagine a camera better for me but the E-5 may be the one to get me back to photo-busyness.

That would be fun so keep prodding me with positive influence.
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