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mezark Jul 23, 2006 7:47 PM

I have an E-500 and I am trying to learn through experimenting and trial and error, all that my camera has to offer in the different file formats and color spaces available to shoot in. I recently learned that when shooting in .raw format that it does not matter which color space your camera is set to as you can chose the color space when processing the .raw file in PhotoShopCS2. I have done this many times since with great success.

I use Olympus Master to transfer my files from camera to pc and then I usually view them through Olympus Master as well. I noticed that my images look much more colorful while viewing them in Olympus Master then they do in PhotoShop once processed into .tiffs. So I did a comparison by printing images processed by both Olympus Master and PhotoShop from .raw to .tiff in the srgb color space. The image processed by Olympus Master was clearly more colorful and I believe closer to the original subject.

So my questions are...

Does anyone use Olympus Master to process their images because for me it seems to do a better job. I guess I question using Olympus Master because PhotoShop seems to be the way most people are doing it.


When processing the .raw files in Olympus Master I don't seem to be able to pick a color space like you can in PhotoShop. Does anyone know if this is determined by what color space your camera is set to or is it an option in Olympus Master that I may be missing.


Malakor Jul 28, 2006 5:53 AM

Funny you should mention this, as I've been messing around with the colour space on my E-300 this afternoon. Setting the Adobe RGB option I found, gives easily the most accurate colour reproduction - I know because I shot off my balcony and then immediately compared the monitor screen pics with the actual view before the light changed.
In processing the .orf files through Photoshop, I found the final image to be rather flat and dull with slightly inaccurate colours, though still better than the sRGB profile. I also used Olympus Studio to process the .orf files - much better, and I would think in line with the results you found with Olympus Master.
With Studio, I seem to have the option of either sRGB, Adobe or ProPhoto by way of a drop down menu when processing at the RAW stage.

Keep on experimenting though, that's the real beauty of digital!:|

mezark Aug 6, 2006 10:48 AM

Thanks for the info Malakor, Im glad to see that someone else has noticed this. After reading your reply I went to the Olympus site to see if I could find out some info on Olympus Studio that you mentioned and found a trial version available so I downloaded it and will give it a try. But I also found a Photoshop plug-in for importing the .orf files.


Photoshop RAW Plug-in version 2.01 This plug-in supports the E-1, EVOLT E-300, and EVOLT E-500 and is used to import the RAW data file (file extension is ".orf") into AdobeĀ® Photoshop 6.0 or later version. You can display images in RAW data format using Photoshop by installing the plug-in.

So now in Photoshop under File---> Import I am able to choose Olympus RAW File. Has anyone used this plug-in or have any info on how it differs from simply opening the .orf as opposed to importing it.


Malakor Aug 9, 2006 3:47 AM

I'm not 100% certain what you mean here - normally you would choose 'File' then 'Open' on the drop-down menu. Double clicking the .orf file then opens it up in it's own window in PS. It just sounds like Olympus are confusing the matter slightly using the word 'import' instead of 'open'. Once the plug-in is installed, it is straightforward enough.

Also, on the matter of Olympus Studio, I found I had to download a separate driver from their website in order to use the 'Control' part of the software, even though I have WinXP sp2 installed. Just in case you were wondering why it didn't work!

Norm in Fujino Aug 9, 2006 8:08 AM

FWIW, I shoot exclusively (or almost) in RAW only (with E-300), and I use Silkypix as my RAW processor; Silky has the closest (IMO) color reproduction to Olympus' own Master/Studio results, and it has a [i]much better[/] workflow, speed, and feature set. I use PS7 for other manipulations, and use Master only for certain high-ISO shots (1600) that I need to reduce noise on, since Master seems to do a better job than anything else when processing high-ISO shots with lots of dim-light noise (Silkypix in certain circumstances produces more high-ISO yellow noise that I have trouble removing). Silkypix isn't known that well outside Japan, I guess, but it will become much better known in future since it's going to be bundled as the RAW developer with some Panasonic cameras. At present, it's about $140 retail, which is well worth it to me, even with its wonky English localization.

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