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Hello all,

My E-500 has decided to misbehave, and suddenly the flash won't fire. I've set everything to auto, it usually is on auto anyway, I'm getting the auto flash popup and the display says the flash is ready, but there's no firing when the shutter is pushed. The auto-illuminator has been turned off, but it refused to fire before I did that, so I know it's not related.

I can't find anywhere in the manual where it says that it runs on a separate battery that may have died, so I'm wondering if my bulb has burned out?? Nothing in the manual about that either.

Anyone have this happen to them and need a repair or replacement part? Thanks for any info...

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Flashes do fail, but first you'd have to make sure it isn't a mistake on your part.

Rather than using Auto set the flash mode to the lightning bolt, which will force it to fire for every shot, no matter how much light there is (vs. Auto which will not fire the flash if there's enough light).

Now if the flash is dead, the first question is whether or not the camera is still under warranty.

If it's not, it might not be worth the expense of getting fixed because with more newer bodies coming onto the market older ones are really dropping in price. For instance yesterday I picked up a new E-330 for $300 (it originally sold for over $1000).

Anyway, do the test I describe above (make sure you're NOT in museum scene mode). You may have to select from any of the PASM modes to set the flash to forced.

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Well, I did as you said, and no joy. I focused on something, the flash popped up, but it did not fire.

My camera was purchased in March of '07, so it's about six months out of warranty if it's a year, which I'm pretty sure it is. I barely know this camera, and the only one I'd like better is the new one with the 'live' screen. I'll have to call the service department next week and see if I can get them to cover it or at least find out how much it will be for a fix. GRR. A year and a half...

Thanks anyway....:sad:
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