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I am considering, well I am going to purchase the 510, just wondering how good the kit lenses are and would you buy body only and then pick lenses or buy the two lens kit and get whatever else you need later.
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i am not sure what ur using currently....but i would really want u to go to a local store and try the camera first.

IMHO the camrea is cheap but just over 100 dollars there are little better cameras from Sony, Canon and even Nikon.

Not to discourage u or the forum or act as a troll, i bought a E-510 to add to my canon collection and i can see a huge difference.

If u already own a system from the hthumbnail of urs, i would def recommend to check the camera out in a store.

Take ur CF card and take some sample pictures for u to analyse at home.

If moeny is not a worry, and olympus is what u want, i would check the E-3 over the E-510. Claims to have the fastest AF.

Things that bothered me are

Highlights overblown, noise at even iso400, picttures lack clarity for a 10MP when cropped compared to competetion, and JPEG is something i will definitely avoid.

Shooting raw saves most of ur picture.

The menu and functions ar epretty straight forward and doesnt take rocket scientist to discover something u want. In fact the ability to change ISO, AF mode, Metering, Exposure comp with just two fingers is really impressive and fast.

Overall i feel it lacks behind sony, canon and nikon.

As a new user using two systems i just wanted to let u know of my mixed feelings on the cmarea. My purpose was just wildlife and hence for me blown highlights is fine. But for general purpose i wonder if tis would be an ideal situation

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Hi 2many:

Everyone has things they are looking for in a dSLR. However, as an experienced Olyuser I disagree with nymphetamine. The Olympus E510 is an excellent camera, easy to handle, and the Oly kit lens are superior to both Nikon and Canon kit lens.

And the fact that the E510 has built-in IS in the body means that all your current and future lens will be imaged stabilized in camera. That means a huge cost benefit over the years as you addnew lens. The "CanNikon" world requiresyou to purchase ISlens, or you give up that feature.

The E510 has a learning curve for those not used to the Olysystem, and the comments about the "blown highlights" indicate a shooter who has notyet learned all the adjustments available with the Olympus. Olympus users who truly learn their camera's capabilitiesare very satisfied users.

For anE510 user, I recommend spending time on the Wrotniakweb site, and review his analysis/recommendationsof the E510 settings:



I've usedSony, Nikon and Canon, and been friends with users,and know that they have plenty of complaints; and I would not give up my Oly for any of them.No perfect camera exists, but the cameras of today are very capable.

Steven R.
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