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Default E-7 vs EM1 video

Spotted over at 43 rumours:

This video of the E-7 vs EM1.


Now looking at that pic, the E-7 does not look that much bigger than the EM1 - in fact I'd say it may actually be the right size for any cam and perhaps the EM1 should have had those dimensions as well. So with the point about the smaller camera body, If they were comparing an E5/E5 to the EM1, then yeah they would have a point about the MSC being smaller but an E-7 that size, I'd say Oly was wrong.

About the AF ... did they compare the FT lenses AF performance on both cam's or was the AF in the E-7 so poor (worse than the E5/E3) that the EM1+adapter was actually way faster and more accurate ?


I've had a closer look at the E-7 and it looks to be just a mockup as there's no card door as is clearly visible on the EM1 which looks more like a finished product.

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watched the video and I think the bigger difference being noted was around the EVF vs. OVF, in that the EVF has advantages that the OVF cannot provide in magnification and although not mentioned illumination in low light. I think it also goes without saying that the EVF supports video much better than an OVF, as people expect video to be more of a function of a camera than an afterthought the ability to provide a live view in the viewfinder becomes a big differentiation.

In the end I think they may have gone in to the comparison looking for advantages on the E-M1 side as opposed to looking for advantages in the E-7. Given the criteria they laid out and the fact that Sony is helping to steer the ship and Sony has moved away from the mirror completely now I think the E-7 didn't stand a chance.

That said I applaud Olympus for going through with the R&D on the E-7 at all. I am sure there were some very strong discussions internally.
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some observable things

E7 is bigger than M1,
which fits with what I heard that it was bigger then Gh3.
Although heights look about the same
The control set look awfully similar,
as do the prism housing chamfers
Sling attachments differ
E7 is classic E, the M1 had the attachment on the grip side moved aft
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The biggest observable thing is, the E-7 never made it beyond development stage, so we'll never really know what final size or shape it would have been as Harj said. The body in front of the E-M1 is clearly not all that developed, and the bodies are offset with the DSLR in front so it's hard to really tell at all how much bigger or smaller they are to one another.

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Yes, the M1 is a great looking camera with a ton of features but I am through switching cameras and losing money. My E-3 will do more than I will will ever ask it to do. Coupled with my 14-54 f2.8, I am very happy with the results.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA by James Gasta, on Flickr

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA by James Gasta, on Flickr
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