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Default E-PL1 Question

I'm thinking about adding an Olympus E-PL1 to my kit. If I do, it would probably occupy the secondary/back-up role I currently assign to my Panasonic LX3... seeing as I already have a full Pentax DSLR system.

But here's my question for any current E-PL1 owners - or any Olympus Pen EP-series owners, for that matter - who have recently moved up from cameras like the LX3, Canon G10, etc (which is to say, premium compact digicams with sensors in the 1/1.6 and 1/1.7 range): How much a difference are you seeing in real-world image quality over your older camera?

We all know about the theoreticals of smaller versus larger sensors. But what are you actually seeing? I'm guessing one doesn't see that much difference at all when shooting outdoors in good light. So how much of an advantage are you seeing in low light or at higher ISOs (say, 800 and up?).

My LX3 is a great little camera but, as good as it is, it is still challenged at higher ISOs and in low light. It's better than virtually any compact digicam but one cannot change the fact that its sensor still isn't that large.

Since I already have my Pentax system, I'm not about to buy into a (surprisingly expensive) Panasonic GH1 system - at least no time soon. But an E-PL1 at $599 complete might be doable - if there's enough difference over my LX3 to be worth it.

I almost went with Olympus before going with Pentax for DSLRs and I still have a warm spot in my heart for Olympus. This might be a way to bring them onboard.

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I went from a point and shoot as our travel camera to the epl-1. And have been putting it through a decent test period. So far, I have to say, the low light the photos up 1250iso is way better then my old point and shoot with a t 1/1.7 sensor. And at 800iso it is just as good as my Canon t1i. Where my point and shoot have 1600iso but was a bit nosie at 800, and forget about going to 1600. As it was just a marketing thing.

The photos at 1600iso with the epl-1 is allot better then my point and shoot. The AF is faster then my point and shoot, and the no shutter lag issue.

I was thinking about getting a canon G11 or a pen back in dec. But when the EPL-1 came out at oly 100 more msrp the the G11. I jumped at it with the better performance and the manual options I was looking for. Check out my ELP-1 first impression thread in the oly dslr forum.
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