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I am new to the digital SLR scene, I have an old (OLD) Ricoh SLR from around 1970, that well has become not worth fixing anymore! My budget is up to around $500-$600 and ebay is the market I shop at. The kind of pictures I take are landscapes, and architecture, and wildlife, so I'm not sure which of these cameras (E-1, E-300, E-500, or maybe wait for the E-330?) is best for telephoto. Whichever of these cameras has the highest quality photos through zoom I guess is best for me. Also, I generally do black/white, but I think they all are relatively the same at that, or I can just use Photoshop for that purpose.

as it isnow, im probably going for the e300 since its the best price, is the e500 really a big step forward of that? or just a few added features and otherwise relatively the same (the difference in design is immaterial to me)
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They all will produce excellent photographs, up to quite large sizes. The E-1 has a weather-sealed body, which may or may not be necessary for your uses. It has a better sensor, even though only 5MP (greater DR).
The E-500 and E-300 share the same sensor, great response and cropability especially if you shoot RAW.
The E-330 is not so much a landscape camera, IMO. The live view feature is more appropriate for street shooting or macro work, based on my brief experience with it (also the viewfinder is a tiny bit dimmer than the E-500's due to the 20% feed to the live-view CCD sensor).

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