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I've been testing the 35-100 and the E1 at ISO 800, with just available light and have been really suprised how well some of the images appear with regards to detail and noise. I can;t consistently produce really clean ISO800 files but I do know it is possible to get some really good ones. Printwise I think the sample below should print easily on 8 x12 and show no noise at all (I'll know for sure when I get this one printed in the next day or so). The only PP was 50% USM, taken as RAW and converted to jpeg using Lightroom,

E1 + 35-100F2 ISO 800 - F2 @ 1/80s taken at 100mm (200mm 35mm equiv)

100 % crops:

What do you guys and gals think ? Its no E3 ISO800 but its more than acceptable to me.


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I dont have any RAWs to show Harj as Im still in jpg mode while I get the shooting regime sorted for my work-workflow. But I can offer these jpegs with Noise Filter OFF variously out of the camera and processed as noted. The iso is set to auto with a ceiling of 800, i might up that to 100-1250 zone when i get the opportunity for more testing. Just to add there is going to be a difference between higher iso low light and using iso for faster shutter in daylight.

If one is using higher ISO to achieve higher shutter speed rather than compensate for low-light then s/n ratio becomes much less of an issue. Noise at the upper end is reasonably undetectable. BTW nice watch

ok opportunity shot at night under tungstens in a hall, light not really good,
iso800, 1/30th F3.2
original out of camera [edited just to get it in portrait fashion]

100% crop

post processed with levels NN and sharpening

100% crop

Its seems my workflow actually enhances the noise, but you can see the noise grain is fairly fine, and at lesser sizes isnt really as detectable. I think thats what we have been seeing in other images from E3 on the net. WB is pretty good, my 300 would have that more orange than yellow, colours PP are more like daylight balanced.
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