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olympian Apr 27, 2006 8:14 AM

My buddy is looking at buying an E500, but really likes the ruggedness of the E1. I own the E1 and have no complaints about it. But I don't really know the E500.

How would the people on this forum rate the E1 against the E500? If he really likes the E1 construction but wants more resolution, would they recommend he wait for the E3? Or is the E500 a good camera as well?

Thanks for the input.

pip22 May 19, 2006 4:05 PM

I'd go for the E-500 personally (in fact I have) for the higher pixel-count and, of course, the cost saving which is important to me up to a point. I know megapixels is not the holy grail of what makes one camera better than another, but it's sometimes useful to have those extra pixels so you can crop an image which would benefit from cropping, yet still retain enough pixels to be able to re-size it larger than the cropped size without causing pixellation.

On the other hand, the choice here depends on what type of environment you intend to use the camera most of the time. The E-1 bodyis sealed from the elements andwill stand a few hard knocks, so is suitable for oudoor use in rough weather and rough terrain. The E-500, whilst well-made, is not sealed and neither is it as solidly put together as the E-1, but for the majority of amateurs it will be fine, as it is for me.

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