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HarjTT Nov 9, 2008 5:32 PM

Hi All

I was asked a very close friend of mine at work to take a few pics on her big day back in August, although they did have a pro photographer on the day. I hadn;t posted the pics any earlier as I wanted her to see the pics first but now that she's seen them here's a few from the day.

I didn't take too many pics and in hindesight i missed a few important ones but I also didn;t want the pro offical photographer to think I was competing with him.

He's kit - 2x 1DsMKII and some fancy L glass, speedlight and pro studio lights and stands. From what I could tell he was shooting with the 24-70f2.8 L for most of the ceremony. The pro lights cam very handy when doing the group family shots. Me I had the E3 +35-100F2 and 14-54ZD + broken Fl50.

1. Getting ready - hair and makeup

2. Not much time left:

3. A wee portrait - snapped this while the pro was getting her to pose next to the window. May be a wee bit too much Shallow DOF.

4. Waiting...

5. Here comes the bride..well thats what the harpist was playing. This I actually took 20mins before the ceremony as I knew it was going to be pretty tough for me once it had kicked off.

6. I do ...

7. Flowers

These are all straight of cam jpegs - no retouching just simply resizing for the web.

This was my first non indian wedding shoot - actually I've only done a couple of those as well!



:? :O

Tullio Nov 9, 2008 6:49 PM

Nice wedding coverage, Harj. #2 is my favorite. Great job!

boBBrennan Nov 9, 2008 8:03 PM


I like #3 very much; especially that she is looking away which IMO makes the DOF as shot work very well. Nicely done!

zig-123 Nov 9, 2008 8:07 PM

Hey Harj,

The E-3 really does provide wonderful "straight out of the camera' colors. The colors are rich without being oversaturated.

I don't have any experience shooting weddings but I can only imagine the difficulties that all the variables present. This past summer, my niece got married. My sister asked me to take some photos while I was there-even though they had hired a photographer. I agreed and when I got there, took a few shots. Shortly thereafter, the photographer and his 3 assistants swooped in and I quickly got the heck out of the way. I realized it was difficult enough with thelighting, people getting in the way, etc. without my interference.

Anyways.......great shots.

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