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Some photogs like to get to work like theyre hitting the beach at Normandy, every item under the sun to get them through a tough engagement. Me I prefer to work freehand without a tripod, and with my Metz playing up Im limited to FL36 and a bit aperture restrained for the lack of portable flash power.

Once you get used to E3's handling it gets easier, IS mode 1, I set iso to 160, Manual mode as is my habit indoors for flash control, and program mode outside as it seems to simply nail it. The obligatory kitchen shot is just wonderful and took little PP to make it shine.

The WB was off on 3 frames out of 50 tending quite blue, where normally indoors and outdoors my 300 would be a fair bit more troublesome. The issue was easily rectified in post.

LiveView offers more creative opportunities for low angles, but I wish I got a little closer on reflection.

Pools always look nice, but the reality is theyre a lot of work and cost a bomb in maintennance.

Just to prove what a scaredy cat I am, the camera-crane view was done by my Panasonic LC1, Im not putting a A$2k+ camera 20ft in the sky for anything just yet.

The LC1 proves it still has the goods, and exposes outdoors with good DR and nice green renders. Strangely the E3 shoots about the same but with way less noise, where my 300 tended to be way to red in this climate and at times quite usless unless handled quite carefully.

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.........the kitchen and den shots are quite impressive, the outside ones are also very nice but they don't reach out and slap me like this kitchen PICTURE does.

Great work and thanks for the show.....BTW, I had an E3 in my hands today and will return in the next couple day with my 14-54 and 50-200 to make a few files, but I am pretty well hooked now.

tnx agn,
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Hi Rob

Nice seeing these on the job shots and from the looks of the images the E3 look very good and i liked the fact you're using the articulated LCD and creatively too ! Definetly notice a different in the colours from the E3 compared to your E300 indoor shots posted a while ago. Just as nice was the LC1 shot and its good to see it in use too.



:? :O
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thanks for the kind comments
yes there is a difference in my indoor/outdoor shooting and workflow routine. Interiors I like to mix light sources and have gotten some good results mixing daylight flash and ambient tungsten souces. The slower shutter speeds available will increase these opportunities when I start reaching into what E3 can do.

Also I use USM with interiors but not for outdoor shots. Im taking it easy with PP for outdoor shots because this camera is so very different a shooter outdoors compared with E300. Im thinking some more saturation and sharpening will get me there, but Im also looking for something just a little special as well.

I've had this camera just a week now, and Im just scratching the suface of what its capable of.

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