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Whats the best RAW convertor for E3 raw files ? I've just compared in cam SHQ jpeg to the RAW file converted in CS3 and I actually prefer the in cam jpeg than the results from the CS3/ACR4.0 - better detail, more noise yes but its all fine grain and not turning the pic to smudge like CS3 is doing and I don;t use any NR. Has anyone else noticed this ? I'm assuming Lightroom will be doing the same thing to the RAW files and I'm very suprised by the difference in IQ. I don;t want to use Master as its just an appauling piece of software unless I really have too. I've not used lightzone for some time, so I'm wondering if anyone's put E3 raw files through it as well.

Will post pics to show what I mean as soon as I can.



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..hi Harj,

I know what you mean with Master 2, I actually did convert my first files with it so those will be the last.

Try BibblePro for the 14-day trial(which can be extend if warranted) , it is 100%, full version. I have purchased it and intend it to be what I use. However, I've not used it enough to afford much in the way of hints. http://bibblelabs.com/

This one is out of Bibble....................

One of the strong attributes of the software is the batch processing schemas which I am working to learn more of.

For me the short videos found in the Bibble site Learning Center pages are the quickest and most helpful beginning steps to understanding the software.

Too, Bibble has active forums by camera mfgr with real people from Bibble responsible to a discussion thread taking part................. I think that is 'neat' when one wishes a quick answer or discussion.

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I prefer Adobe for E3 RAW files.

I haven't noticed any lack of detail between RAW compared to JPEG. In fact the 'Clarity' adjustment in 4.3.1 is a terrific half way house in initial detail enhancement, helping with processing but not allowing (with common sense)the possibility of introducing sharpening induced artifacts along the way. Used with Smart Sharpen as the final tweak I couldn't be happier with the detail I'm gettingvia aRAW file.
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