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Hi Greg,

The images you've just posted really are hard to improve upon relative to detail, sharpness and overall image quality.

It's hard for me to get cranked up about shooting in RAW since, as you've pointed out, the jpegs coming out of the E-30 are pretty darned good. I suppose I should try a series of shots taken in RAW then reshooting the same series in jpeg and compare the results when pp in ACR5.6.

As for adjustments, when I first started using ACR, I used the recovery slider quite a bit. Then thru trial and error, found that vibrance slider really has a very positive impact on the image-as does the clarity slider. My experience has been the less I use the recovery slider, the less noise I end up with in the final image.

All in all, I find myself performing the bulk of the processing in ACR with just cropping or resizing in PSE8.

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I can understand this. JPEG files that have not had a lot of heavy-handed in-camera processing are very flexible and benefit from having those great colors out of the camera. The only image-quality parameter I have adjusted is the noise filter is set to low.

If you have a color or area of the image you'd like to tweek down or up, check out the targeted adjustment tool at the top of the ACR window. You just place the curser over the area you want lightened or darkened, click and hold down on the curser and drag it up or down until it's as light or dark as you want. It works great.

The biggest complaint I had about working RAW files in Camera RAW I fixed after the class, and that was finding a good starting point where the file looked somewhat like what you saw when you see the file on the back LCD of the camera and getting those good colors back. Since the preview has all the JPEG parameters applied, the RAW files usually open in ACR looking very flat, but there are parameter boxes you can check in the preferences for Camera RAW that pretty much cause the file to open in ACR looking just like what you saw on the back LCD, and using the vibrance slider (Kelby gave a great explanation of why the vibrance slider works much better than the saturation slider, which he never uses) makes them even better.
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